The wait is over and the So You Think You Can Dance 2015 premiere is upon us, as new dancers will arrive and the auditions on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 begin. I am hoping for a great season, especially with Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo joining Nigel Lythgoe at the judges’ table. Cat Deeley will be back and chatting with the dancers, as we have Stage vs. Street this season and I am excited to see this twist play out. Check it out with us during our So You Think You Can Dance 2015 Recap and see the SYTYCD auditions 2015 begin!

So You Think You Can Dance 2015 Spoilers - Premiere Recap

With this new format of Stage vs. Street, it is also bringing in a couple of familiar faces: tWitch and Travis Wall! They will be serving as the mentors for the Stage dancers (Travis) and Street dancers (tWitch), which means we should be seeing even more of them this season and I am not complaining about that one at all!

The auditions on So You Think You Can Dance 2015 are about to begin, so follow along with our SYTYCD 2015 recap tonight. I am excited to see how this Stage vs. Street plays out, especially to see if there is any difference in the way auditions are held!


Don’t want to know what happened on SYTYCD 2015 Recap or see the videos of the auditions on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we all know it is Stage vs. Street and we find out the Top 20 will consist of ten dancers from each team. Then each week, one dancer from each team will be voted off until one dancer is crowned the winner of SYTYCD Season 12! We start things off in Memphis tonight, so lets get to these auditions!

Peyton Albrecht – He is Stage and he has some good moves in there. He does some good tricks and has good movement, but I did think he was going to strip off his pants for a second! Paula said he is a powerful dancer and he has wonderful technique. Jason said that was a hell of a song choice and he did a lot of great things. Nigel said he reminds him of a young Travis Wall. Of course, he is headed to Vegas!

Andre Rucker – He is Street and a member of Dragon House, which Cyrus Spencer from Season 9 is a member of too. Andre auditioned then too, but he was sent to choreography and couldn’t get the moves, so he left. He said he wants it more now and he has some great moves and I love this style, but can he do choreography or will he quit? All the judges loved him and he is headed to Vegas!

Jordan Hilgenberg – She is Stage and her mother just got married and they gave up their honeymoon so she could audition tonight. She said she is contemporary and ballet and combines them together and her legwork is amazing! She has such control and is so strong. Nigel said it was very beautiful, but he wanted to see her move around the stage more. Paula said she is quite a gorgeous dancer. Jason said her lines were so stunning that it carried the performance. She is headed to Vegas!

Ladia Yates – She is Street and we hear about jookin’, which is a popular dance styler from Memphis. She does some great work and I don’t know how she she can do that and not break an ankle! Nigel said he is very proud of what he has just seen. Paula said everything about her is special and unique. Jason said she just made a movie. She has her dance team come out and perform and they are beyond adorable kids! Afterwards, Ladia gets a ticket to Vegas!

Courtney Barnes – He auditioned last season in New Orleans and he is over-the-top, but he is back. Jason doesn’t even know what to say on this one. He is Street and that ponytail needs to go! He has some good dance moves in there, but that is a drag queen working that stage, for real. During his audition, Jason said one more hair swipe and he is going to lose his mind. He is a big character and not worthy of it, but he gets the ticket to Vegas.

Day 2 in Memphis starts with the power out in downtown Memphis and a dark theater! Nigel comes out and said he is not sure if they can audition them and will wait to see how it all goes. They get some generators and have enough lighting to light up the stage, so they will be dancing today! They are going to audition in groups based on their style and the judges will ask some of them to perform a solo later. While this is kind of cool, it might suck for others when they are overshadowed by someone else. They perform and then solos later and more tickets to Vegas handed out.

We are now in Dallas and time for the auditions on So You Think You Can Dance 2015 to continue.

Guillermo Morales – He is Stage and he is a character and seems kind of fishy, so I am intrigued to see this one. He just started dancing three years ago, so you would think he might be bad, right? Nope, he comes out and nails that audition and he can definitely fly! He is headed to Vegas!

Jaclyn Hamric – She said her dance is more like a slower, smiley, sexier jazz? Not sure about the description, but she does have a good dance style and is very solid and very pretty. They loved her and she is headed to Vegas.

Steven Ban – He is a big dork and fixes computers for a living, but wants to prove that geeks can be street dancers too. Nigel said he looks like Bill Gates! He does have some funky moves in there and put his arms in some crazy positions, but I don’t think he is that special. The judges want to see more from him, so he is headed to Vegas.

Vishonda Sims – She said that street dancers bring more reality to their routines. She said she is so shy and daydreams, but doesn’t do it. I like her and I like her dancing. She hits hard and she is connecting to that music. Nigel said that was dope. Paula said that she is very special. They loved her and she is going to Vegas!

Kiosh Monroe – I feel he is wearing an American flag as a skirt. He has a lot going on and then comes out and performs a drag queen routine. I am annoyed. Thankfully the judges send him home! Jason suggested he lead an exercise class for women, so they have one on stage and he is a fun guy and it is a good idea!

Lily Leyva – She wants to be a professional dancer and knows this show is a great way to get noticed.She has a great dance style and I definitely want to see more from her and more of her personality come out when she dances. I will see that in Vegas, as she is moving on!

Jaden Ziara – He said he is a ballroom and hip hop dancer, which Paula said that is ball hopping and she loses it! She can’t stop laughing and it is really funny. When she finally stops, he gets started and this is a weird one. The judges said he is fun to watch, but no trip to Vegas for him!

Edson Juarez – He auditioned during Season 11, but did not make it through. He is a very good-looking fella and he is a great dancer. He said maybe his connection held him back last season, but I felt it tonight and so did the judges, so he is going to Vegas!

That is it for tonight! We have 43 Stage dancers and 37 Street dancers moving on to Vegas. What did you think of the auditions on SYTYCD 2015 tonight?

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