The So You Think You Can Dance 2014 auditions are behind us and it is time for the Top 20 on SYTYCD 2014 to take the stage and perform live for our votes! This will be the 200th Live Show on SYTYCD, so they will be throwing a party on FOX. Who will be in attendance? Jason Derulo, of course! Doesn’t he seem to perform on all these reality show? Besides him, we will see the Top 20 partner up and perform for our votes! Check out a sneak peek at Top 20 Week on SYTYCD Season 11 below in our So You Think You Can Dance 2014 spoilers!

So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Spoilers - Top 20

Before they take the stage tonight on SYTYCD 2014, how about we take a closer look at these dancers! Here are the names of your Top 20:


  1. Ricky Ubeda
  2. Teddy Coffey
  3. Stanley Glover
  4. Emilio Dosal
  5. Zach Everhart
  6. Casey Askew
  7. Nick Garcia
  8. Serge Onik
  9. Marcquet Hill
  10. Rudy Abreu


  1. Jessica Richens
  2. Jacque LeWarne
  3. Carly Blaney
  4. Bridget Whitman
  5. Valerie Rockey
  6. Jourdan Epstein
  7. Emily James
  8. Tanisha Belnap
  9. Malene Ostegaard
  10. Brooklyn Fullmer

Tonight, the Top 20 take the stage for the first time on the live shows and the pressure is on big time! Check out some photos of the Top 20 on SYTYCD 2014 here:

Click on image for full view

Check out our sneak peek at SYTYCD Season 11 tonight:

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