Simon Cowell previews X Factor USA boot camp in this discussion with MTV News. He sat down with LA Reid, his co-judge, and spoke with MTV about how different X Factor was from American Idol, especially when it came to this next down-select.

Unlike Idol’s “Hollywood Week” which Simon referred to as “high-gloss” you’ll get a real look at the singers and the process. Viewers will “see the good, the bad, and the terrible.” Hopefully X Factor will be presenting more of the good, or even great, rather than the bad and ugly.

Unfortunately LA remains silent in the short interview clip, but we’re sure he’s got lots more to say in the coming weeks as he’s quickly becoming a favorite on the judges panel.

Don’t forget that you’ll be able to start watching the boot camp phase tonight on FOX and there are even some X Factor spoilers out there if you want to really get ahead of the show.

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