Simon Cowell admits to being too smug about The X-Factor. Simon Cowell admits that he “got a big wake-up call” when several of his American television shows, including Fox’s The X Factor, received less-than-desirable ratings last year.

“I did get too arrogant, everyone does. When you have a very good year like I did in 2010 you get a bit cocky. You think you are great, then you get a bit of a smack,” Cowell told the London Sun.

“We went into 2011 thinking, ‘It’s all going to be easy’ and of course it wasn’t. It was a massive wake-up call,” he added. “You’re in the hands of the public and it’s very unpredictable.”

The X Factor averaged around 13 million viewers, after Cowell predicted it would draw 20 million, saying that he would no doubt outdo American Idol.

“We all got a bit smug last year.” he notes.

Do you think Simon will have a better year in 2012?

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