How does working with over 30 million dollars worth of jewels on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Well, the 15 remaining designers get their chance tonight, as Project Runway 2013 brings in some precious jewels for the designers to work with. I would be nervous, but they will have to move past it to survive another week on Project Runway 2013. Find out what happens during our Project Runway Season 12 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway Season 12 tonight with us!

Project Runway Season 12 - Episode 2

Last week on Project Runway 2013, we kicked off Season 12 and the 16 designers took center stage. There will be many changes for this season, as Tim Gunn will not only sit in on the runway shows for the first time ever and answer any questions that the judges may have, but he is also allowed to save one designer from elimination this season! Angela used her parachute fabric to create something that resembled a moo moo and the judges sent her home!

It is a week of new challenges on Project Runway Season 12 with guest judge Eric Daman, Emmy-winning costume designer from Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. The tensions will rise, so watch along with us in our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway Season 12 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


We are on the runway and time for the designers to find out about the next challenge. The guards are bringing in the jewels. Heidi Klum follows and she has the button bag! The models come out and diamonds galore! They will be creating a look that is good enough to walk down the runway with these jewels. The designers get to pick their model and the diamonds they are wearing. Timothy thinks it is superficial to pick the prettiest diamond and hates this challenge already!

They have one day to create their look and they have their $4,000 budget for the whole season. How do you think that is going to be when the season ends?

The designers are sketching and Timothy is going to do a “trash to treasure” theme. The designers head to Mood and their suggested budget is $300, but they can spend whatever they want. Is anyone else sick of Timothy and this sustainable concept. He is in the back room digging through the trash! I think he won’t get close to his $4,000 budget for the season! Now he uses some leftover velvet of what another designer didn’t use, so it is “second-hand” and I am annoyed.

We are back in the workroom and the fighting has already started happening, as Sandro and Ken get into it! Where did this one come from? Ken said Sandro is on his period! Kahindo is not too sure about her fabric.

Tim Gunn comes in for his critique: For Dom, he thinks it could look like a poolside moo moo; he is worried about the trim on Alexandria’s dress; he wants Justin to eliminate a layer because it is time-consuming (Justin doesn’t listen to Tim); he loves the dress from Bradon, who is using curtain fabric but he has immunity; he thinks Kahindo’s dress looks messy and he would have told her not to choose that fabirc; he tells Sandro to hone his critical eye; he is worried about time for Helen; he thinks Alexander’s look is looking grandma-y; he tells Timothy that it doesn’t have any visual appeal and it is one big hot mess.

Timothy is wanting to go home and he has no clue where to go from here, so he goes around and asks for advice. Did we go back to last season and are working in teams on Project Runway Season 12. Models come in for fitting and Timothy thinks he can fix his look and is happy. Helen is now worried she can’t finish her garment. Sue uses a sewing machine with green thread and doesn’t know how to change the thread. Dom tries to help, but she is being rude and Dome is over it!

Runway day and the designers have some time to finish their looks and get their models ready for the runway show on Project Runway 2013. Timothy is feeling like he had a “make it work” moment and he is proud of himself. Jeremy doesn’t understand it, but to each their own? L’Oreal is great with sustainability, so Timothy can put makeup on his model this week! Time is running out and Sandro is racing around and can’t figure out how to work a steamer and no one will help him and he runs out swearing and grabs a crew member to help him, but he walks back out. Sandro has a breakdown and is crying and he puts something on his model and they head out to the runway!

We start the runway show and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is costume designer Eric Daman:

  • Dom – love the fabric and love the flow of this dress and it is a good look with the diamonds
  • Justin – it is a great dress, but nothing special and a black dress
  • Ken – very well put together, but is it anything special? Love the color.
  • Kahindo – the fabric looks funky, but she did a good design and it looks nice
  • Alexandria – the draping is nice, but a little plain for me
  • Miranda – the top is constructed badly and it looks weird
  • Alexander – it flows too much and too much fabric for me
  • Kate – it looks a little sloppy for me and maybe a possible boob popping out at some point on that red carpet
  • Timothy – what color didn’t he use, but this looks hideous
  • Karen – plain and who is she even?
  • Jeremy – the bottom of the dress is great and it is a red carpet look
  • Sandro – the model can barely walk in and the top is weird looking
  • Helen – we barely even see her dress, but she breaks down and Heidi has Tim go talk to her. He calms her down and back to the show and it is not constructed well, but the concept looks good.
  • Sue – another black dress that is nothing spectacular, but done well
  • Bradon – it looks nice and the fabric works well on a red carpet

Heidi asks to speak with Dom, Sandro, Timothy, Kahindo, Helen and Kate. They are the top and bottom designers tonight and the other designers are all safe tonight on Project Runway 2013. For Dom, she said she loves the back and the fabric. Heidi said she would pick her dress. For Timothy, Heidi said he needs to think about a head-to-toe look. Eric said it is sucking out the color of the stone. For Kate, Heidi knew it was her dress when it came down the runway. Nina said it is a fabulous color for the model. Zac said the jewelry pops.

For Sandro, Heidi said he put too much on his garment, but it works this week. Nina likes that he used a fabric not normally associated with high-end jewelry. Zac said the sides of the dress make it trashy. For Kahindo, Heidi feels that it is not enough. Eric doesn’t think it is showcasing the necklace. Nina said it is just too nice. For Helen, Heidi is always surprised that they take on things they have never done before. Zac said the hem is off and the fabric is a bad choice. Eric said you have to time manage. Helen then has a breakdown and says she is going to do couture and won’t stop until she dies. Sandro then stand up for her and tells the judges that she did so much.

Time for the models to come out one more time and the judges get a closer look at the designs and I think Dom will win and Timothy will go home. What do you think? Here are the results:

  • Winning Designer: Kate
  • Safe: Sandro, Dom and Helen
  • Bottom Two Designers: Timothy and Kahindo
  • Eliminated Designer: Kahindo

So, Timothy is nuts and adds to the storyline and the judges decide to keep him around…ugh! Tim did not use the save on Kahindo and she does go home. Do you agree with the judges’ decision tonight?

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