Ladies might need to control themselves tonight on Project Runway Season 11, as the Thunder From Down Under take over Project Runway 2013 and the designers will have to create new outfits for the male revue! Things are definitely going to get hot and bothered tonight, so you won’t want to miss a thing! Watch with us during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 tonight!

Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 8

Last week on Project Runway Season 11, we saw a shocking double elimination as the losing team of Kate and Tu were both sent home after their look did not impress the judges.

That leaves us with only eight designers left, which it looks like they will be split into teams of four tonight. Don’t miss a thing or a stripper during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap starting at 9/8c!

Here we go…the designers are met on the runway by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, who gives them new teams: Team Shades of Grey: Daniel, Patricia, Michelle and Stanley.  Team Slick & Hip: Richard, Layana, Samantha and Amanda.

The next day they take a field trip to Manhattan to meet their new clients: Thunder From Down Under and they get a special dance from the guys. The challenge is to create new outfits for the dancers, which must be sexy and classy and masculine and feature a tearaway aspect to them. They have $750 budget and one day for the challenge on Project Runway Season 11!

Even though Michelle wants to do a bike messenger, her team decides to go with the business theme. The dancers give them tips, which are really helpful and they come up with ideas for the three looks. Richard is giving ideas, but no one on his team is liking them! The teams go shopping and the women are against Richard and he is over it. Michelle doesn’t want to go safe and take a chance this challenge.

Back in the workroom and Richard is giving off major attitude and his team is not enjoying him, but then he goes to Skype with his friend from home and he breaks down because of the non-support on Project Runway Season 11. The designers are all struggling because of designing for men and they are big and bulky men on Project Runway Season 11!

Tim comes in for his critique and Team Slick and Hip is first: he said they are in a frenzy and not working with each other well and he is concerned about them. For Team Shades of Grey, he is thoroughly impressed with their looks and likes the pattern Stanley came up with and they should be pleased with what they achieved, but ramp it up even more!

Layana is not getting help from Richard, so she gets help from Stanley on the other team! The models arrive for their fitting and the designers love every second of it! Patricia is finishing up her shirt, which she was nervous about finishing. Richard has one of three shirts done and Layana is worried on Project Runway 2013.

Runway day has arrived and the designers head to the workroom to finish up their looks, which they all have so much to do. Stanley has a lot to do, but he is not one to give up his duties and Michelle is scared. Twenty minutes remain and the designers are freaking! Patricia gets her shirt done, but feels ashamed with her use of time. The boat is sinking for Team Slick and Hip and they have real bad outfits on their models!

Time for the runway show and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is Emmy Rossum:

  • Team Slick and Hip: the shirts look hideous and way too long, the tie is extremely short, the jacket looks feminine, the pants don’t fit and they all look like a hot mess, but the tear-away works during their stripping!
  • Team Shades of Grey: jacket is big and it covers the shirt Patricia worked on so long, the vest is really cool but very short and pants a little tight, but the performance sucks and the tear-away does not work at all!

Heidi tells them she was very excited about this challenge, but was completely let down with what they came up with! The winning team tonight is Team Shades of Grey by default and Team Slick and Hip is the losing team.

For Team Shades of Grey: the judges were thoroughly unimpressed and hated it all, but the other team was worse. Nina had nothing to really say and they were not cohesive with their office theme.

For Team Slick and Hip: Nina said they look like waiters, Heidi said Samantha’s look is the best one there, Emmy said that look is the most appealing. Things get a little ugly when Heidi asked who the weakest link was and Richard gets into it with Amanda and Layana, but then they makeup back stage.

The judges discuss the teams and looks on Project Runway Season 11 and I think it will be Amanda going home and Michelle winning. What do you think?

  • Winning Designer: No one wins tonight, which is a Project Runway first
  • Safe this week: Daniel, Michelle, Patricia, Stanley, Samantha and Layana
  • Bottom Two Designers: Richard and Amanda
  • Losing Designer: Amanda

Do you agree with the judges decision tonight on Project Runway Season 11?

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