It will be a sticky situation tonight on Project Runway Season 11 as the designers will take on a challenge of creating looks using duct tape! That’s right, the Project Runway 2013 designers will create dresses that were made from duct tape. We’ve all seen some amazing pictures of dresses created from duct tape, so I am intrigued to see what these designers come up with. Find out how they do tonight during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 with us!

Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 7

Last week on Project Runway Season 11, it was a Senior Fling and the designers were working with mature women in creating fashionable looks for them. It was cute to see the older women and get all done up, but a lot of the looks seemed to be lacking to me. Which of these women would actually wear the look that was created for them? Benjamin’s client loved her look, but the judges were not impressed and Benjamin was sent home!

Tonight it is all about the duct tape, as fashion designer Chris Benz is the guest judge for a week that will surely bring some interesting looks from the teams, but how will they be split up this week? The Project Runway Season 11 previews make it look like Amanda and Michelle are working together in some kind of way, since the other designers think they are the bitches of this season and look to be working together! Find out how it all goes down tonight in our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap!

The designers meet Heidi Klum on the runway and she comes out with a duck on a leash? The challenge will be announced by Tim Gunn and a special guest in the workroom. It is another unconventional challenge and they will be using Duck Tape to create a prom dress look and it needs to be fashion forward. They will take their looks to a high school and students will judge it that night and their score counts for 20% of their final score.

They will work in pairs and create one look and Stanley won last week, so he gets to pick first and takes Layana, Kate picks Tu, Michelle picks Amanda, Richard picks Daniel and Patricia and Samantha are the last two.

The designers can sketch and work all day, so they get started and Daniel and Richard take ALL of the gold duck tape and the other designers are pissed since they won’t share. The duck tape comes in all different colors and patterns, so they can come up with some funky ideas.

Stanley wants to use a pink zebra print and Layana hates the pink, yet again, and she changes it to the black and white zebra print. Tu wants a short dress, but Kate changes it to long. Michelle wants to use camo print, but Amanda nixes that idea. They decide to make their own print for a punk rock girl. Patricia and Samantha are not lining up with their visions. Daniel makes a fabric to put the duck tape on, which they love.

Tim comes in for his critique: he is not worried about Stanley and Layana, he wants to know if Patricia and Samantha are working smart, he gives a wow to Daniel and Richard’s dress, he is concerned about time for Amanda and Michelle and he tells Kate and Tu that their dress is forgettable.

Kate is now worried because everything she liked about the dress Tim did not. Samantha and Patricia are not complimenting each other with their top and skirt they are designing.

The models come in and Richard and Daniel’s dress fits almost perfect, so they are happy. They then add all these ruffles to their dress and it looks campy and hideous. The time runs out and time for the fashion show for the teenagers!

The show begins and it is a quick one. The teens come in and talk to the designers and ask questions on how they designed it and gave some feedback.

The runway day has arrived and the designers head to the workroom to finish up their looks on Project Runway Season 11. They pretty much have some finishing touches to do, since they did a fashion show last night. The workroom is very calm, especially for only having less than a day to create these dresses.

Runway time and Patricia and Samantha got the most votes from the high school students, so they get an advantage on the final score. The judges tonight are Heidi, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge Chris Benz:

  • Michelle and Amanda: nicely done dress, but the pattern is more of a costume.
  • Stanley and Layana: I like the colors and the dress is done well, but that pink bow throws it off
  • Daniel and Richard: it looks like an ’80s prom dress and the ruffles ruined it
  • Tu and Kate: I actually really like their look, despite their troubles. It looks like a normal dress and has a lot of detail
  • Samantha and Patricia: it is funky and has a weird look to it, but seems a tad bit short for high school, right?

For Patricia and Samantha, Heidi loves it and thinks it is great. Chris questions the proportion. Zac loves the textile they created at the bottom and it is fun. For Kate and Tu, Heidi said she can’t have fun in this dress. Chris said it ages her. Nina said that long is old-fashioned. Zac said take it to the max if they are going to go big.

For Layana and Stanley, Nina said so lovely. Zac said the bow is really a good element and ties it together. Heidi said what they did is really great. For Michelle and Amanda, Chris said he loves the dress and it is modern and fun. Nina said this is definitely a cool girl. Heidi said she is into it. For Richard and Daniel, Heidi said it looks like it is from 20 years ago. Nina said it looks one-dimensional and looks like she is made out of tin.

  • Winning Team: Michelle and Amanda, but Michelle is named the winning designer this week on Project Runway 2013
  • Designers that are safe: Stanley, Layana, Patricia, Samantha, Richard and Daniel
  • Losing Team: Kate and Tu, but Tu is named the losing designer and he is eliminated from Project Runway season 11. As a shocker, Heidi says that Kate is out too, soa  double elimination tonight!!!

Two people gone tonight! What do you think of the judges decision tonight on Project Runway Season 11?

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