The designers on Project Runway Season 11 will find a whole new challenge on their hands this week and it might not be something that they find particularly easy, as their clients are going to be very hard to work with on Project Runway 2013. Guest judges Melissa and Joan Rivers will help out this week, as the designers create looks for senior citizens! Find out who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 during my Project Runway Season 11 Recap tonight!

Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 6

Last week on Project Runway Season 11, the designers were brought back to the runway immediately after the previous runway show ended. Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum had some changes for them and with a button bag in Heidi’s hand, they all knew what was coming. The teams were being switched from two teams total to teams of two people. Partners that were responsible for designing two looks for country star Miranda Lambert. Matt has been doubting his skills all season long on Project Runway 2013 and the judges had enough and he was eliminated.

The designers are up for an even bigger challenge tonight, as Tim introduces them to their new clients, which consists of senior citizen women and we all know they can be quite picky. They are set in their ways, so pleasing them might be hard for these designers. Most of the designs that are created on Project Runway 2013 I truly can’t see an average woman wearing, so this will be interesting to see what they design for these older women. Find out with me tonight during my Project Runway Season 11 Recap!

Since Michelle lost her partner last week, Heidi Klum draws a new team for her and she will join Patricia and Layana this week. They then head out to meet Tim Gunn, where they find him with some older dancers. They will be creating a fashionable look for a mature client. None of the looks have to be cohesive, but they just need to channel their own design style.

The designers meet with their clients and then head over to Mood to do some shopping. They have one day for the challenge. These older women are hilarious! I am loving this episode already. The budget is $200/look. Samantha is making a leopard print look, which she said can go completely wrong, but not for her. Time is up and everyone meets their budget with no issues.

In the workroom, Amanda had to scrap her initial idea because of the fabric that she purchased, so now is freaking out about what she will do. Meanwhile, Patricia, Michelle and Layana have had no sense of being a team.

Tim comes in for his critique: he is concerned about timing for Stanley, Kate has a spring skirt and winter top, he tells Samantha to breakup the leopard and he tells Patricia that she is making a poncho and he does not like it.

Michelle is worried if they lose she will be the one kicked off, since the judges give good critiques to Patricia and Layana has won a challenge. Benjamin is worried about what Amanda is going to bring to the table for their team.

The ladies come in for their fitting and Patricia hates her look on her client and feels there is nothing in the design that is her. Kate is worried Tu won’t be able to fit his piece on his client, since he is only used to working with models. The night ends and Patricia is going to make a new look the next day!

It is runway day and the designers have their looks to finish on Project Runway Season 11. Amanda runs out of fabric for the sleeves and she calls it ugly and the shapes don’t make any sense. Tim comes in and they have 15 minutes to head to the runway.

Runway time and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and guest judges tonight are Rachel Roy (filling in for Zac Posen), Melissa and Joan Rivers. The runway show starts on Project Runway Season 11:

  • Michelle: the fabric is hideous and the dress is kind of boring.
  • Layana: the dress does not work with her stomach and makes her look bigger
  • Patricia: I don’t even know what she has on and it looks hideous
  • Stanley: his client is working it and he put it together very nicely
  • Richard: dress is alright, but the wrinkle in the middle is not good
  • Tu: the dress looks good and the color is great with her hair
  • Kate: I agree with Tim and the skirt and top combination is not good
  • Samantha: I am not a fan of the shoulders, but the colors blend well together
  • Daniel: nice look, but it is pretty boring
  • Amanda: the fabric is hideous and so ugly
  • Benjamin: the fabric is weird and I loved his client and she does not look good in it.

Heidi tells Michelle, Patricia and Layana are safe tonight, but before they leave the runway she said that Layana and Michelle had the highest looks of the night, but Patricia had the worst and she brought them down…figures!

The high scores tonight are Richard and Stanley and Samantha and Daniel. The low scores tonight are Kate and Tu and Amanda and Benjamin.

For Daniel, Heidi said she can see him in the design. Nina said she really likes the jacket. Joan said she looks like a first wife. For Samantha, Joan said she is a menopausal kitten and looks great. Nina did not like it. For Stanley, Heidi likes what he did. For Richard, Joan said it is easy and chic and shows her legs. Nina thinks he could have pushed himself a little more. Rachel thought she looked beautiful and youthful.

For Amanda, Heidi said it looks hippie in a way. Nina said she looks like a little schoolgirl. For Benjamin, Heidi said she is adorable, but does not love the dress on her at all. Nina said the skirt is lopsided. Joan said it makes her look heavy and stiff. For Tu, Nina said the fabric is swallowing her up. Melissa said she can’t believe he sent her out with the belt holding the dress together. For Kate, Nina said she loves the fabric.

The Project Runway judges discuss the looks and it looks like Tu will go home and Stanley will win, right?

The designers are back on the runway:

  • Winning Designer: Stanley
  • Safe: Richard, Daniel, Samantha, Kate and Tu
  • Bottom Two Designers: Benjamin and Amanda
  • Losing Designer: Benjamin

What do you think of the judges decision tonight on Project Runway Season 11?

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