We ended Project Runway Season 11 last week with Tim Gunn announcing that there was some unfinished business and the designers had to meet him and Heidi Klum on the runway, but what was the unfinished business on Project Runway 2013? We will find out tonight, but there are some twists for the teams tonight and I am intrigued to see what they are! I am also intrigued to see guest judge Miranda Lambert take the runway and see what she has to say about the looks. Find out who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 during my Project Runway Season 11 Recap!

Project Runway 11 - Episode 5

Last week on Project Runway 11, we got to see the designers take on the hard and soft challenge. While it sounds very dirty, it was just the unconventional challenge for the new designers. They had to create looks from items purchased at a flower store and a hardware store. Interesting combination, but Heidi Klum seemed all about it. While both the teams created looks that the judges loved, they had to pick a losing team and Team Keeping It Real suffered it’s first loss. That meant they had to lose a designer and they chose to send Joseph home.

Tonight, the designers will be forced to create looks for country superstar Miranda Lambert. They need to create a performance outfit for one of her sold-out concerts and then create a look for the red carpet. I love Miranda Lambert and she has spunk, so it will be fun to see her critique these designs they come up with!

The designers head back to the runway and Heidi and Tim come out with the button bag! Smaller teams and they will be working with partners: Samantha picks Daniel; Richard picks Stanley; Patricia picks Layana; Matt picks Michelle; Kate picks Tu; Amanda and Benjamin together as the last two designers.

Amanda’s confidence is lacking, especially once she was thrown under the buss last week by her whole team. The designers head out to meet Tim Gunn to learn about the new challenge. They will design a performance look and red carpet look for Miranda Lambert. She loves her curves and they should show them off. The looks do not have to have any cohesion and they can break up the responsibilities however they want.

Sketching and discussing their looks are next and Tu and Kate come up with the same sketch on their own, so they are so excited to be together. Daniel is making the red carpet look, so he is going to make separate pieces since she travels and he hopes they like it. They head out to shop and have 30 minutes and $400. Amanda and Benjamin go under budget $130, so he is worried he screwed it up!

The designers are back in the workroom and they are all feeling a little nervous since down to partners now. Daniel is using leather, but he is nervous because he doesn’t use it a lot. Benjamin set a timeframe for himself, so he can actually not stress about finishing his look and he seems to think he is ahead of schedule right now.

Tim comes in for his critique: he is worried about the center seam on Daniel’s look, he tells Patricia he is not boring, he tells Tu his look is going to wacky, he believes Stanley’s look will be beautiful, he said Amanda’s skirt is great, he tells Matt he doesn’t know if all his detail will show up on the runway.

Matt is having a breakdown and lack of confidence. Tu is being talked about a lot tonight and he never is even mentioned, so I think he is going home tonight! Daniel has being doing well and now the designers think he is getting too arrogant about it. Do you agree with them? The end of the day is coming and Matt barely has a top done and no skirt started!

Runway day arrives and the models come in and Daniel is using a fork to fringe the bottom of his skirt, which Stanley said would cheapen the material. Kate is feeling good about her look, but has no idea what Tu has completed. Tim comes in and the designers head to the runway.

It is time for the runway show and of course the judges will be Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judges is Miranda Lambert:

  • Amanda and Benjamin: love her look and the fringe and it looks fun. Benjamin’s dress is kind of plain and a weird fringe thing on her boob.
  • Tu and Kate: Tu’s look is nice, but maybe too rocker? Kate’s look is just weird with leather and fabric and awkward.
  • Samantha and Daniel: I like the look and it looks like something nice to perform in. Daniel’s look is very good and the leather thing he did looks real nice.
  • Matt and Michelle: Matt’s look is too plain and black and boring…give it some edge! Michelle’s look is hideous and has weird fring coming out of it.
  • Patricia and Layana: Patricia makes another crazy, pow wow look. Layana’s look is classy, but very boring.
  • Richard and Stanley: Richard’s look has too many things flying around and I am not a fan. Staley’s dress has a nice cut to it and I like it.

Heidi asks Patricia and Layana and Kate and Tu to step forward: they are all safe this week. The rest have the highest and lowest scores! The high scores: Richard and Stanley, Amanda and Benjamin. Low scores: Daniel and Samantha, Matt and Michelle.

For Richard, Zac loved that she could move in the dress. Heidi said it looks expensive. Nina said it plays up on her curves. Miranda said it stood out in the crowd for her. For Stanley, Miranda thinks it is great, but the bottom half is a lot of fabric for her. Zac said he brought really good elements into it. Nina doesn’t think it is the right dress for Miranda. For Benjamin, Nina said how elegant and extravagant. Heidi loves to see this look from Benjamin finally. For Amanda, Miranda said it has shape to it and it is something she would wear. Heidi said good for you for being on the top this week.

For Michelle, Miranda does not like the necklace and she would pick it apart to make it better. Zac said it looks like she had linguini. For Matt, Heidi said he put a whole lot of detail in it, but you don’t see it. Miranda wants to know where his confidence is at. For Daniel, Heidi said it looks like tin foil. Miranda said it looks like what a country star is supposed to wear on the red carpet. Heidi said it doesn’t fit her in a bad way. For Samantha, Zac said he wants more wow. Miranda said she would wear her outfit Samantha was wearing before the one she made.

The winning designer tonight: Richard (and he made that tube top dress) and Miranda will wear his dress in one of her upcoming performances.

Safe: Stanley, Amanda, Benjamin and Samantha (she had immunity).

Bottom 3: Matt, Daniel and Michelle. The losing designer tonight is Matt!

Were you surprised?

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