We all know that Lord & Taylor is a huge sponsor of Project Runway Season 11 and every episode we have to see how the designers finish their looks with accessories from the Lord & Taylor wall, which Tim Gunn makes sure he mentions every episode of Project Runway 2013. Tonight the designers take on the Lord & Taylor in hopes of winning and having their look sold in their stores! Join us tonight for our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap and see who wins the challenge and also who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013!

Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 9

Last week on Project Runway Season 11, the designers were placed into teams of four and had to create new outfits for the Thunder From Down Under. As hot as the dancing was at times on the show, the clothes that came down the runway were anything but on fire. Dull looks from all the designers, but in the end Amanda was sent home.

The designers are back tonight on Project Runway Season 11, but how will the remaining seven designers be split into teams? Find out during our Live Recap starting at 9/8c!

Here we go…the focus seems to start on Richard, so will he go home tonight then? The designers then head to the runway and meet Heidi Klum to find out the next challenge, which they will head to Lord & Taylor to meet Tim Gunn to find out! He switches up teams to begin with: Stanley and Patricia, Daniel and Michelle, Samantha, Layana and Richard.

The challenge tonight: the designers will be inspired by the iconic Lord & Taylor rose and they will create ready-to-wear looks for the Spring 2013 collection. The winner will get their look manufactured to be sold in Lord & Taylor stores, online and featured in the Lord & Taylor window! It has to sell for under $250. They have one day for the challenge and $150 budget for the two-person teams and $225 for the three-person team.

The designers do some sketching and Richard is being a child and ignoring Layana because he is still bitter about last week. Then Daniel wants to take a risk this week and Patricia hates working with Stanley. The designers head to Mood for some shopping and Samantha is feeling lost.

Back to the workroom on Project Runway Season 11. Stanley does not want to lose, so he is being very controlling with Patricia and she is not having it. Richard is still holding a grudge towards Layana and not talking to her, but when will this blow up…on the runway? Michelle is struggling with the pink that Daniel chose, but he said it is going to be fine. Stanley is questioning what Patricia is doing.

Tim comes in for his critique: he tells Samantha to make her dress into separates to be easier to manufacture, he tells Layana her look may be a little too hard for spring, he asks Richard if he is worried that the judges might think that the dress is something he has done before, he tells Patricia that it is looking too expensive to create her look, he thinks Stanley’s dress is not new and fresh like he claims, he tells Michelle it looks gloomy and Daniel’s pink is too bright!

Daniel is upset he has to get rid of his jacket and he is going to make a dress and take a risk, or so he says, He then gets into it with Michelle and she said he has to make it for a 21-year-old when tim was there, but she claims she said youthful and he is getting defensive. No clue where this is coming from on Project Runway Season 11. Do you?

Daniel than breaks down and says he designed clothes to make people happy and then cries some more and he is now here to design clothes to make people happy and he is a happy person. The whole thing makes no sense! Over with Patricia and Stanley, he is liking what Patricia is doing and said he might learn a thing or two from her and she is happy because the look has her design technique in it. Michelle has nothing to fit on her model, so she has a lot to do. The night ends and Michelle has nothing done and needs some major work.

The designers head back to the runway and it is time to finish up the looks and Daniel gives Michelle a hug and says water under the bridge, but I am doubting that when they get on the runway. Samantha puts a heart cutout in the back and Layana is not sure about it, but Samantha loves it. Samantha hemmed wrong and now her skirt is a mini-skirt and not sure, but she thinks she fixes it at the end. Richard’s dress is boring, but he loves it. Tim comes in and they head to the runway!

It is runway time and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Rachel Roy (filling in again for Zac Posen), Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is Bonnie Brooks, President of Lord & Taylor:

  • Patricia – not the greatest color combo, but I do like the shirt and it looks different from her normal designs
  • Stanley – nice color, but is a plain dress and did he do anything to it?
  • Richard – long dress and no real flash to it and looks like something you would wear over a bathing suit to the beach
  • Samantha – has a weird look to it, but they might like it. The heart-shape is lame though.
  • Layana – it looks like a Japanese gown and it looks too dark for spring.
  • Daniel – plain dress in a bright pink color, which looks cheap
  • Michelle – very nice dress and I am liking the colors and the design of it.

Stanley and Patricia are safe. Michelle and Daniel are the winners and Richard, Layana and Samantha are the losers. For Michelle, Heidi said she made it hip and modern. Rachel said it was smart and easy. Nina said it will fit many shapes and sizes. For Daniel, Bonnie said the color is great. Nina said the shoulders are very beautiful. Heidi said he didn’t bring anything new to the table.

For Samantha, Heidi said it is very junior and she does not love it. Rachel said she appreciates the design element she put into it. Nina said she did not hate it. Bonnie loved the use of the pedaling. For Richard, Heidi said it was impressive. Nina said it is very generic. For Layana, Nina loves that she chose the leather, but not the print. Rachel likes the dress and the lines and cut are quite modern.Heidi thinks the print ruined the dress.

So, who do you think the judges will pick as the winner and as the designer eliminated tonight on Project Runway Season 11? For me, the winner is clearly Michelle and the loser is Richard (his time has come). The designers come back to the runway:

  • Winning Designer – Michelle
  • Designers that are safe tonight – Stanley, Patricia, Daniel and Layana
  • Bottom two designer – Richard and Samantha
  • Losing Designer – Samantha

This makes no sense to me. I thought for sure Richard was going home and I think he deserved to go home on Project Runway Season 11!

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