With only six designers left on Project Runway Season 11, the pressure is starting to mount for the remaining designers and it looks like it might even be getting to them tonight on Project Runway 2013! The designers are supposed to be in teams all season long, but it seems like it should be Project Runway Partners instead of Project Runway Teams because is two people working together a team? Find out how they do tonight in our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013!

Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 10

It was all about creating looks for Lord & Taylor last week on Project Runway Season 11 and we saw Richard in the bottom two, yet again. This time he was up against Samantha and apparently her look was too junior for the judges and she was eliminated and Richard saved yet again!

Will he get the save again tonight? How many of the designers will shed tears tonight? Come back for our Live Recap to find out!

Here we go…the girls are upset that Samantha went home and Layana is hoping that they change teams, so she is not with Richard and she is hoping it would be girls versus boys. Will they do that? They head out to meet Heidi Klum on the runway. She says this challenge will push the boundaries, but they head out to the Guggenheim Museum to meet Tim Gunn to find out what the challenge is.

For the challenge tonight on Project Runway 11, the teams will be Stanley and Michelle, Patricia and Richard and Daniel and Layana. This will be the HP Intel challenge and Tim will say it 1,000 times tonight! They will be creating a work of wearable art and it has to be big! They will also create a ready-to-wear look that is compatible with the art look. They will be creating the textiles themselves and have 30 minutes in the museum to sketch!

For the teams, Layana is not liking anything that Daniel comes up with, so he allows her to do the art look and he will do the ready-to-wear look based on what she does. She loves the idea and to be able to control him. Michelle and Daniel are doing the best together and I think they might come up with a great look, since I enjoy both of them as designers. Patricia is going to do the art look, but Richard has no idea what to do for his look and seems lost!

The designers head back to the workroom to work on their textile design, which they have an hour to do and they will get the fabric the next day. They then get $200 to shop at Mood. Patricia is worried about Richard’s look is going to be gaudy. Layana is worried about Daniel going old, so she will be watching both of their looks this challenge on Project Runway Season 11. Time then announces that the winner of this challenge will get $10,000 and an HP Envy x2!

Richard is working on a bracelet, so Patricia tells him to come help her so he can get the vision she is going for and Richard is lost!

The next day arrives and the designers get their fabric in and they all love it. Meanwhile, Richard is still working on the damn bracelet and Patricia’s stress level is getting higher and higher. Layana is using all the fabric for her look, so Daniel has to talk her into giving her a yard of the fabric! Richard then is not inspired by Patricia’s look and he doesn’t know what to do.

Tim arrives for his critique: he tells Michelle he got chills from her look, he tells Richard he has nothing done with all the hours they have been in the workroom and he is worried about them, Tim loves the print for Layana and Daniel, but she needs to push the look farther and then she has our first breakdown tonight and starts crying and feels no one can help her.

The models come in for their fitting and Patricia hates Richard’s look and she changes it on him and he feels none of his style is in it. Layana is finally out of her funk and feeling better. Than Richard breaks a zipper and Patricia is over him!

It is runway day and time to finish their looks. Richard hates the fabric he chose. Michelle feels her look is completely different and might be the winner, even though it is way crazy! Layana throws on a strap to hold up her dress and then Patricia hates Richard’s look and bracelet!

It is time for the runway show and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Rachel Roy (filling in yet again for Zac PosenNina Garcia and guest judge this week is designer Tracy Reese:

  • Layana – the fabric is very nice and she did come back strong from her breakdown and it is over-the-top
  • Daniel – he made a great skirt from the fabric and the jacket looks great on the model
  • Patricia – it is extremely crazy , but it is artistic but I hate the fabric she put on her head
  • Richard – the skirt is horrendous and the whole look is not good
  • Michelle – the collar is nice and it is crazy and art, as the challenge stated
  • Stanley – not a huge fan of the look. It just seems too simple to me, but it matches the art look from Michelle

Heidi said she was very impressed with their looks, but they still have to choose someone to go home! What was your favorite look tonight?

For Michelle and Stanley, Rachel loves the print, Nina thinks the lengths are not good, Tracy said it is beautifully paired and Rachel said it looks like a collection and Heidi loves the avant garde look and very pleased on what they did together. For Richard and Patricia, Rachel said they don’t play with each other, Heidi loves Patricia’s look and hates Richard’s look. For Layana and Daniel, Rachel said he nailed the blazer and the detail is spot-on, Nina said Layana’s look is a hodgepodge of everything.

Layana then goes in the back and starts crying because she felt Daniel threw her under the bus, but it is a competition and she wanted ownership of everything and he didn’t allow it. Makes me lose respect for her!

The judges discuss the looks and I am going to say that Richard is going home and Michelle will be the winner because her team was stronger, even though Daniel had the best look. What do you think?

The designers are back on the runway and here are the results:

  • Winner – Stanley
  • Safe – Michelle, Daniel and Layana
  • Losing Team – Patricia and Richard
  • Losing Designer – Richard

I say good riddance! He was getting on my nerves and really did nothing this challenge!

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