What a night ahead of us on Project Runway All Stars Season 2, as the remaining eight designers are going green on PR All Stars 2012! They will be designing a dress for the red carpet using only green, eco-friendly fabrics and materials. This should be interesting to see, but the main highlight on tonight’s Project Runway All Stars 2012 is the guest judge of the evening. PR All Stars Season 2 has pulled in some big name guest judges and this is probably the biggest, as legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg makes her way to the runway. Check it all out in the Project Runway All Stars Season 2 preview below!

This has been a wild season on PR All Stars, as we have seen one of the legends of Project Runway, Wendy Pepper, make her way back to the workroom. It was great seeing her, but it was also sad seeing her leave us way too early. Last week the designers created androgynous looks for both a male and female model. Kayne Gillaspie found himself in the bottom with Laura Kathleen and didn’t think he deserved to go home, but the judges disagreed and sent him home.

We are now down to eight designers and this season seems to be moving along quickly. Tonight the designers head to New York City’s High Line Park, where they will find out their latest challenge. It is all about going green this week on PR All Stars 2012, as the designers will create red carpet dresses, but they can use only eco-friendly materials and fabrics! This should be interesting to see and from the clip below, some of the designers are having some big time struggles with these fabrics. Emilio, who has been one of the standouts this season, looks to be a little discouraged on the runway. Will he go from the top to the bottom this week on Project Runway All Stars 2012? Check it the preview out here:

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