We took a week off from Project Runway All Stars Season 2 last week because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, but it looks like they are bringing it back stronger and weirder tonight. It is all about designing for everyone tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2012, as the designers take on androgynous looks! There is a big twist that the designers will have to deal with on PR All Stars Season 2 and by the looks of the preview, I think we all know what it will be. That all happens before we find out who was eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 2.

Last week we saw Andrae finally take his quirky ways back home, as the judges eliminated him. He was in the bottom a couple times and seemed to be an outcast among the group, as the only designer from the season he competed in. He tried and tried, but he seemed to lack confidence on the runway and I think that was his downfall. You have to be confident with your designs on Project Runway All Stars Season 2, otherwise the judges will tear you apart.

It is a quick little clip that Lifetime released this week for the preview, but it looks like things could get quite interesting tonight. You can check out the video below, but it looks like we may have some male models? Maybe even some drag queens because those feet in the heels definitely look like some manly feet! So, they will design looks that have neither a feminine or masculine look to them, but that doesn’t fit the idea of a drag queen, so I am confused about tonight’s PR All Stars 2012.

Check out the PR All Stars Season 2 preview below:

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