It is the first interactive challenge ever on Project Runway All Stars Season 2 tonight, as the viewers decide how this challenge goes for the designers. It should be interesting to see how the USA Today readers call the shots for these PR All Stars Season 2 designers. From the video below, it looks like this will be an intense challenge and heads will start rolling on Project Runway All Stars 2012, but who was eliminated from Project Runway All Stars Season 2?

On tonight’s challenge, the designers are inspired by images that were submitted by USA Today readers. I think there will be other twists because that is not that interactive. The viewers are calling the shots, so I want them picking the designs they must use on PR All Stars 2012. Either way, the designers are running around the workroom like chickens with their heads chopped off. With it being an All Stars season, they are being pushed to their limits and not having a lot of time to work on their looks.

This season has been quick and to-the-point with only hour long episodes on Project Runway All Stars Season 2. We tend to avoid a lot of the extra drama that is not need on Project Runway, which I like. We did see some drama between Laura Kathleen and Kayne last week and it seems none of the designers are keen on Laura Kathleen and her bragging ways. She does seem annoying and thinks she is amazing, but then ended up in the bottom three last week, which made me smile! Do you miss all the drama that normally comes with Project Runway?

Check out the video below for the Project Runway All Stars Season 2 preview:

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