Project Runway All Stars Season 2 kicked off last week as thirteen returning try one more time to make it work and win it all on Project Runway. There are some intense personalities in the mix for Project Runway All Stars 2012, but isn’t that the case for most seasons on this show? They are only going to bring back the biggest of those personalities for Project Runway All Stars Season 2 right?

Tonight it looks like the designers are going to the club and dancing to some disco as they design disco-themed looks for the challenge this week. We should see glitter balls and bell bottoms and glittery clothes right? While I enjoy Project Runway All Stars 2012, it is still a struggle for me to jump on board of this show. The original is an amazing show and these designers they brought back are doing nothing for me yet, but there has been only one episode to air.

Did anyone else feel the the premiere episode just flew by for Project Runway All Stars Season 2? It seems like we just started the show and then the runway was happening. We didn’t get to see a lot of the behind the scenes action and everything seemed rushed because we had to meet all the returning designers again. I am hoping that changes tonight and we see a little bit more of the designers working on the looks!

I am giving this season a few more episodes to complete weigh in on it, but it just isn’t the same without Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum on the show. Anyone agree? Check out the Project Runway All Stars Season 2 preview here:

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