It looks like Irina is going to be ruffling some feathers tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2019! The designers were put to the task of creating gender-neutral streetwear on Project Runway All Stars Season 7 and it looks like Irina needed to use a sewing machine real bad! Find out the details in our Project Runway All Stars 2019 recap below and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars Season 7 tonight!

Project Runway All Stars 2019 Spoilers - Week 9 Recap

Last week on PR All Stars 2019, the designers headed out to JCPenney and had to combine three daytime looks into one sensational nighttime look and could only use the materials in those daytime looks to create their new look. Christina really seemed to be struggling with this one and coming up with a concept. Many designers struggled with their final look actually being a nighttime look, which is what hurt Cynthia and why she was sent home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 7? Find out below in our recap!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2019 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 7 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


The Challenge

The designers are on the runway to meet Alyssa Milano for this week’s challenge! For this challenge, the designers will be designing gender-neutral, high-fashion streetwear. Their models this week will be new, as they are male, female and non-binary. They will not know who their model is, but only have their measurements! They have a $200 budget and one day to complete the challenge.


The designers do some sketching and then do some shopping at Mood. It’s interesting to see them, as they don’t know their models and some like that connection. Anthony Ryan bought expensive fabric, so he was not able to buy a whole lot of it and is hoping it works out. In the workroom, he finds out his model is 6’4″, so he has to switch some things around with his look!

Anne’s Critiques

Time for Anne Fulenwider to come in and check out the looks from the designers tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2019! For Dmitry, she thinks the trench coat is in desperate needs of excitement. She misses the color and flare of excitement from Irina. She loved Anthony Ryan was using some color, as everyone else seems to be going dark. Grandma wallpaper for Michelle and she said Christina’s look is boring and schlumpy. She thinks meeting the models will help inspire the looks.

The Models

Time for the fittings and meeting these models. Christina’s model loves her look, so that is reassuring for her. Anthony Ryan seems to have his giant twin as a model. Biddell seems to be making a t-shirt, which is odd. The night comes to an end and Irina and Biddell seem to be done, which he normally is. Anthony Ryan has a lot of work to do, which he’ll do tomorrow!

Sewing Machine Drama

So, Irina is done and likes the fabric she has left and she decides to make herself a dress. For some reason, she decided to use Christina’s sewing machine to do it, so now Christina is without her sewing machine and has work to do. She uses Michelle’s machine, which then she comes in and no machine to use again! Irina thinks it’s petty for them to do this, but not for her to use someone else’s sewing machine?

Top and Bottom Looks – Week 9

After the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2019, we find out that the top and bottom looks come from Sean, Christina, Michelle, Dmitry, Anthony Ryan and Irina.

Judges’ Critiques

For tonight, the judges are Alyssa, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judge tonight is Asia Kate Dillon! Here are their critiques:

  • Michelle – Georgina said she loved the color mix and the print. Isaac said the proportions are bangin’. Asia said it looks easy to wear and loves it. Alyssa said that Michelle is so good.
  • Sean – Isaac said it is a little dull for this week. Asia said this is expected for gender-neutral. Georgina thinks he has some interesting ideas. Alyssa said he did a nice job.
  • Irina – Isaac said visually is terrible. Alyssa said it is a true look of streetwear. Georgina said it has gone junior-y.
  • Anthony Ryan – Asia said it reads as a fabulous garment. Alyssa said the silhouette was like his avant-garde challenge jacket. Georgina wanted to see something feminine underneath.
  • Dmitry – Georgina said he always makes polished clothes. Isaac said the buttons throw him off. Alyssa wanted a different fabric. Asia loves it, but thinks it costumey also.
  • Christina – Alyssa said she loves this look. Georgina loved the color blocking in this. Isaac said he wants those pants. Asia said the shirt meets the goal of this challenge.


After discussing the looks tonight on PR All Stars 2019, we find out that the winning look goes to Christina. The bottom two looks tonight came from Dmitry and Sean. However, the losing look comes from Sean and he is eliminated!

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