We all know that JCPenney plays a huge part on Project Runway All Stars 2019, but they played an even bigger part in tonight’s episode! The Project Runway All Stars Season 7 designers made their way to JCPenney to pick up outfits they would use to transform the day looks into sensational nighttime looks! Find out the details in our Project Runway All Stars 2019 recap below and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars Season 7 tonight!

Project Runway All Stars 2019 Spoilers - Week 8 Recap

Last week on PR All Stars 2019, the designers had to use inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to create an invention in fashion for the avant-garde challenge. Michelle used carpet padding to create her look and Anthony Ryan decided to make clothes that you could write on. Django seemed to not understand what avant-garde meant or how to be inventive, as his look was a bottom look yet again, but this time the judges sent him home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 7? Find out below in our recap!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2019 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 7 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


The Challenge

The designers headed to JCPenney to meet Alyssa Milano to find out about the challenge. This week, they will be combining three daytime looks they get from the store and transform those looks into a sensational nighttime look! There were eight live models wearing two separates each throughout the store, so they pick a model they want and then can pick a third separate from the store. They can only use the material from these three separates to create their nighttime look.


We see the designers running through JCPenney to find their model and separates before then doing some sketching. Since they can only use these separates, no shopping at Mood tonight! Christina is struggling with this one, as she decides to switch up her look. After Anne’s critique, Christina decides to start working on a different jacket. As the night winds down, Michelle and Sean are done and chatting, as they are being distracting to Christina. She won’t say anything, but Dmitry calls them out on it! On runway day, Sean is helping Christina get her look finished.

Anne’s Critiques

Anne Fulenwider comes in for her critiques of the looks tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2019! She isn’t getting a nighttime feel from Cynthia’s look. She isn’t sure Biddell’s look will blow them away on the runway. Anne thinks Sean’s look could be a hot mess, depending on what he does. She wants Anthony Ryan to give it some pizzazz. Dmitry’slook is a Dmitry look and she think Irina’s look may be her favorite yet. She wants Michelle to get creative with the denim. She warns Christina not to turn a jacket into a jacket.

Top and Bottom Looks – Week 8

After the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2019, we find out that the top and bottom looks come from Sean, Christina, Michelle, Cynthia, Biddell and Irina.

Judges’ Critiques

For tonight, the judges are Alyssa, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judges tonight are Vanessa Williams and Jasmine Tookes! Here are their critiques:

  • Irina – Jasmine said it’s not her cup of tea, but loves the colors. Alyssa said she invented something wonderful here.
  • Michelle – Georgina said she really likes this girl. Isaac said the back is great and wishes it as on the other way. Vanessa said it was raw and needed to be finished.
  • Christina – Isaac said it feels poor. Vanessa said it feels like a costume. Jasmine said she loves the pants, but it’s more of a daytime look.
  • Cynthia – Vanessa said the vest is frumpy. Georgina didn’t want the jacket on top.
  • Sean – Isaac likes the dress, but the third tier looks like an afterthought. Alyssa said there are a lot of lines and wants to like it more, but she can’t.
  • Biddell – Jasmine said this is the girl she wants to be. Vanessa said modern, but retro. Georgina said he committed to a look and something different.


After discussing the looks tonight on PR All Stars 2019, we find out that the winning look goes to Biddell. The bottom two looks tonight came from Cynthia and Christina. However, the losing look comes from Cynthia and she is eliminated!

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