We had Willy Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Project Runway All Stars 2019 tonight, as they served as inspiration for the Project Runway All Stars Season 7 designers and their first avant-garde challenge of the season! Who survived and who blew up like a blueberry on PR All Stars 2019 tonight? Find out the details in our Project Runway All Stars 2019 recap below and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars Season 7 tonight!

Project Runway All Stars 2019 Spoilers - Week 7 Sneak Peek

Last week on PR All Stars 2019, the designers had to create an elegant red carpet look using metallic and their design had to include a unique texture. No doubt about it, as Anya struggled with this one. She normally uses those flowy, draping materials and metallic doesn’t allow for that to happen. However, Django created another bottom look and he had to go home, right? Wrong, as it was Anya eliminated at the end of the challenge!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 7? Find out below in our recap!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2019 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 7 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


The Challenge

The designers headed over to Broadway to meet Alyssa Milano at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory show. She was joined by Christian Borle, the star of the Broadway show. They have to be inventive with this challenge and come up with an invention for fashion and push the boundaries for this avant-garde challenge. They each got a chocolate bar and one had a Golden Ticket, which gave them $100 extra for their budget this week. Biddell got the ticket!


The designers do some sketching at the theater and they are excited about the challenge and coming up with some cool ideas. They then head out to Mood to do some shopping and Biddell is excited to spend that extra money! The designers were able to order some stuff online and, for some reason, Michelle ordered a huge roll of foam, so carpet padding for her! After working with it some, she is in love. After another bad critique, Django is pissed and seems to be going off on every other designer. He wants everything to be realistic in their designs, but it’s avant-garde. As the night came to an end, Sean was over his look and decided to abandon it and start with something new!

Anne’s Critiques

Time for Anne Fulenwider to come in for her critiques on Project Runway All Stars 2019! Anne said Michelle is making a statement and she recommends not covering up the carpet padding. For Dmitry, she liked the invention but not sure of it not being in the jacket. She likes Sean’s invention, but told him to keep it high-fashion. She liked the story of Biddell, but didn’t want it to look like a sweatsuit. For Django, she thinks his invention is not a new idea.

Top and Bottom Looks – Week 7

After the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2019, we find out that the top and bottom looks come from Sean, Christina, Michelle, Django, Irina and Anthony Ryan.

Judges’ Critiques

For tonight, the judges are Alyssa, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judges tonight are Andrew Rannells and Anna Camp! Here are their critiques:

  • Christina – Andrew said he loves how functional it is. Alyssa said she wants a DJ jumpsuit. Anna said the tailoring is so wonderful. Georgina says she wins here on idea.
  • Django – Andrew said he is very skilled, but it is very weird. Georgina said it looks historical, not avant-garde. Isaac said it doesn’t feel like Django.
  • Anthony Ryan – Alyssa said it is smart and innovative. Anna said it looks like a sketch come to life.
  • Irina – Anna said it gave her an emotional experience. Georgina said it is very costumey. Andrew said it looks like iron. Alyssa said she gave this a high score.
  • Sean – Anna was confused by the bottom, but Andrew dug it. Georgina didn’t get the avant-garde of this and Isaac agreed.
  • Michelle – Alyssa said it’s beautiful and innovative. Georgina said it’s graphically stunning. Anna said the element of surprise was wonderful.


After discussing the looks tonight on PR All Stars 2019, we find out that the winning look goes to Anthony Ryan and he won $5,000 tonight. The bottom two looks tonight came from Sean and Django. However, the losing look comes from Django and they are eliminated!

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