We are getting down to the wire on Project Runway All Stars 2015 and the designers on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 will have an interesting challenge ahead of them tonight on Lifetime. No pressure or anything, but they will be creating the bridesmaid dresses for a ceremony that will take place on the runway on Project Runway All Stars Season 4! This should be interesting to see it play out, but should be a challenge favoring Helen. Check out a sneak peek at Week 11 below in our Project Runway All Stars 2015 spoilers!

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Project Runway All Stars 2015 Spoilers - Week 10 Preview 19

Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 4, the designers had to create separates for QVC that could be worn with different garments. They also had to create a fashion forward look that was cohesive with their separates. We saw Sonjia really struggle with this challenge and unsure of what she was actually going to do. It finally clicked for her and she put together the winning look and will have one of her pieces sold on QVC. Jay was all over the place too, but the judges did not like his finished product and they sent him home with Fabio in the bottom again, but avoiding elimination again!

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For tonight, the designers will be making bridesmaid dresses for a ceremony that will be taking place on the runway! Host Alyssa Milano will be officiating and it looks like the winning look will be making a quick change from the model to the bridesmaid? Check out a sneak peek look at Project Runway All Stars Season 4 for tonight:

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