Since we saw no designers on Project Runway All Stars 2015 eliminated last time, we should see the judges on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 be even harder on them tonight! With that being said, how can you not tune in tonight when there will be guys in Speedos??? Check it out with us during our Project Runway All Stars 2015 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars 2015 tonight!

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Last time on Project Runway All Stars Season 4, the designers were put together and worked in pairs to create looks for couples going on their first dates in New York City! It was a challenge and the couples were meeting for the first time. A very cool and cute concept, but it also led to some of the designers having to create menswear! From there, the judges were happy with the looks the designers came up with. It was Justin and Helen in the bottom two and despite their couple being happy with their looks, the judges were as impressed. However, the judges thought they were both good enough and they sent no one home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 4? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2015 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…it is Michelle’s birthday today, so work it out girl.

CHALLENGE: They then head out to the pool! The designers will create resort wear including a bathing suit underneath it. The winner will get a story and interview in USA Today and a Caribbean vacation. They have to dive for their fabrics in the pool, but the All Star pool boys will dive for them! They strip down to their Speedos and it is a good view!

Of course, Michelle picks a fabric and Dmitry picks the same one, so he switches it up! The designers do some sketching and shopping at Mood and Sonjia has no idea what she is doing, so this could come back to hurt her!

Back in the workroom and the designers are working on their looks. Michelle created swimsuits in her last collection, so she is feeling good, but said it took like 10 or 11 tries before she got a good one. We see the designers freaking out about the swimsuits and Michelle said she uses an elastic, so Dmitry asked for extra and let there be tension!

ZANNA’S CRITIQUES: She tells Jay that is looks like an exclusive club. They love Justin’s look. She said that Dmitry’s look would be how a Bond’s girl would look coming out of the water. She tells Sonjia to remember to make it look chic. They think it looks heavy for Helen, but Zanna is okay with it. They think Fabio’s look is boring and conservative for him. She tells Samantha to focus on the glamour aspect and being at ease.

The models come in for their fittings and Sonjia made a quick swimsuit and is impressed how it fits on her. Dmitry’s swimsuit looks great on her, but the dress is not working and he has to make a whole new dress. They have new models this week, so they are trying to get used to the new proportions! The day comes to an end and Justin ran out of fabric, so not sure how he is going to finish his look. Samantha sewed the top of her dress to the bottom and the zipper, so she is going to have a lot to fix the next morning!

It is the day of the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2015 and Samantha comes in and needs to finish her bathing suit and jumpsuit, so she is freaking out. Jay has to finish the dress and bikini bottom! The models come in and things are coming together. They all get it together and to the runway they go!

Time for the runway show on PR All Stars 2015 tonight and the judges tonight are Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judge tonight is Nigel Barker. Here we go:

  • Justin – I am liking the dress and how ti shows the bathing suit, which is cute too
  • Michelle – Love the fabric for the dress and it is cute. The swimsuit fabric is nice too.
  • Sonjia – I am not liking this look at all and it looks hideous and her swimsuit top is barely there, but bottoms are cute!
  • Jay – Love this fabric and it looks great with this dress. The bikini is alright though.
  • Helen – I am liking the lace fabric and bikini is barley there, but cute fabric.
  • Fabio – It doesn’t look like a resort wear to me, but something you would see on the street. The bikini is showing some booty!
  • Samantha – Love this color of the jumpsuit and it is cute, but lots of booty on the swimsuit. The fabric is great though.
  • Dmitry – The dress is nice and I am loving the bathing suit.

The show is done and we find out the Helen and Fabio are safe this week, which means the other designers have the highest and lowest scores this week! Now it is time for the critiques from the judges:

  • Dmitry – Isaac said he really loves it and it looks specific and the color is ravishing. Georgina said it really works on her, but watch the help. Nigel said it would make a great cover shot.
  • Jay – Georgina said she loved the dress down the runway, but she likes the bottom more than the top. Isaac said there are pleats that don’t need to be there. Nigel said the bottom is too high on the bikini.
  • Samantha – Georgina said she loves a jumpsuit, so well done. Alyssa said she got bad, 80s flashbacks here. Isaac said he liked the color of the jumpsuit.
  • Justin – Georgina said she wants to be this woman. Isaac said he adores it. Nigel said the back of the swimsuit is amazing and it would sell. Alyssa said the swimsuit is pretty perfect.
  • Michelle – Isaac said he loves the swimsuit and it is the best swimsuit of the day. Nigel said the pleats looked like it was caught in her underwear, but what a swimsuit.
  • Sonjia – Georgina loves the placement of her lace. Isaac said the pants are insanely beautiful, but Nigel said they weren’t long enough. Georgina said she can see both of them translating into an interesting collection.

The judges discuss the looks from tonight. I am thinking that Justin will be the winner and I am thinking it will be Samantha going home. Who do you think it will be????


  • Winning Designer – Justin
  • Safe Designers – Sonjia, Dmitry, Michelle and Jay
  • Eliminated Designer – Samantha

What do you think of the results on Project Runway All Stars 2015 tonight?

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