The designers on Project Runway All Stars 2015 were headed to Times Square tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 4, as they would be working with QVC to create a look for the working woman that could transition into a look for the evening! Check it out with us during our Project Runway All Stars 2015 Recap below and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 4, the designers headed to the aquarium and used some underwater life forms as inspiration for their avant-garde challenge! We also saw Helen jump in the shark tank to sketch with the sharks and earn $100 more for their budget on the task. To me, the designers missed the mark on the avant-garde aspect of things. The judges loved the looks, but I was uninspired by most of them. In the end, the judges decided that Justin had the least favorite look and he was eliminated!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 4? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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CHALLENGE: The designers meet Alyssa Milano on the runway and they will be working with QVC. They are joined by Lisa Robertson to tell them about their challenge, which is a separates challenge. They will design two separates that can be worn as an outfit, but also worn separately with other garments. They have to design a fashion-forward version of their look for a second model. The winner of this challenge will have one of the separates they designed manufactured by QVC and sold as part of one of their lines.

The designers head out and do some sketching for their pieces. The designers go shopping and Fabio is going for a splatter effect and doesn’t like fabric they have there, so he is going to make his own! Sonjia does not sketch and lets the fabric talk to her. Jay is not sure, so he buys a lot of fabric and will figure it out.

Back in the workroom, Jay has ideas and they all consist of three looks and not two! Sonjia is so lost on this one right now. If the judges think Fabio uses pink all the time, then Dmitry uses that same blue color every week!

ZANNA’S CRITIQUES: For Dmitry, she says it is extreme for a QVC shopper. For Michelle, she tells her to add some versatility to the looks and no cheeks on the runway. For Sonjia, she said she has seen a lot of pencil skirts and doesn’t want the judges thinking that is all she can do. For Fabio, she can see what he is going to do, but it feels simplistic. For Helen, she loves the color combination. For Jay, she is concerned the pants aren’t very wearable.

RUNWAY SHOW: The designers have their looks complete and time for the runway show. The judges this week are Alyssa, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judges are Lisa Robertson and George Kotsiopoulos. Here we go:

  • Sonjia – I do like the color and the fabric choice and think it is cute. The fashion forward look is nice, but I am not liking the squares on the side, but they are cohesive.
  • Fabio – The separates are more of a boy look and not female. I love the fashion forward look and the fabric he made is nice.
  • Helen – The separates are very junior, but I enjoy the skirt. The fashion forward is just a black just and they don’t blend together.
  • Michelle – The ready-to-wear fabric is way to intense, but it is a cute look. The fashion forward sleeves are great, but some crazy fabric also.
  • Dmitry – It is a normal look for Dmitry and it looks so classy for QVC. I am loving the dress and colors for the fashion forward look.
  • Jay – The pants are hideous and the top is blah. The dress is nice for the fashion forward and like the draping.

CRITIQUES: Time for the judges to give their critiques on Project Runway All Stars 2015:

  • Dmitry – Georgina said she loves what he has done, but the fashion forward looks more ready-to-wear. Isaac said they are pretty dresses, but not fashion forward. Lisa loves the fashion forward is beautiful, but cut very short. Alyssa said he has a good idea of how the female body works.
  • Fabio – George said it is a cute dress, but not fashion forward. Alyssa said it is sweet and probably most sellable. Lisa said they do enough simple designs and it needs something to stand out. Isaac said he finds these pieces slightly irrelevant.
  • Sonjia – Alyssa said she loves it all. Isaac said it is gorgeous. Georgina thinks the dress would be better turned around. Lisa said it is stunning.
  • Helen – Georgina said she did a really wonderful job. George said he would never put them together. It works on the model, but not anyone else. Alyssa said she would buy this dress and wear it on the red carpet.
  • Michelle – Isaac said he does not like that print. Georgina said she likes the attitude of this woman. Lisa can’t figure out if she likes it or not. George said they both look like fashion forward looks.
  • Jay – George said the pants looks messy. Alyssa said she would totally wear the top. Lisa loves the color of the fashion forward look. Isaac said something about the dress is so heavy and so wrong.

RESULTS: The judges discuss the looks and pieces and here are your results:

  • Winning Designer – Sonjia
  • Safe – Dmitry, Helen, Michelle and Fabio
  • Eliminated Designer – Jay

What do you think of the results on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight?

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