We are bringing back the team challenges on Project Runway All Stars 2014, as the designers will be paired up and creating looks for a new couple as they go out on their first date! Yup, a team challenge, a real woman challenge and a menswear challenge all in one! This must be Project Runway All Stars Season 4, huh? Watch with us during our Project Runway All Stars 2014 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 4, the designers were left with the luck of the dice. They stepped on the runway and rolled the dice to determine what fabric they would be working with and what event their girl would be attending. That is a lot of control in how the dice landed on that runway, which led to some interesting combinations and it seemed like brocade was the fabric of the night, as four of the designers rolled it! We did see some very good looks, but the judges were not impressed with what Gunnar came up with and he was eliminated!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 4? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2014 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE: They meet Alyssa Milano on the runway and find out their will be working in pairs tonight. Since Sonjia won the last challenge, she gets to play matchmaker and pick partners, but she has no clue what they are doing! Here they are:

  • Sonjia and Dmitry
  • Fabio and Jay
  • Michelle and Samantha
  • Justin and Helen

Now they find out they are creating the looks for NY singles going out on their first date and their date is tonight!!! They have one day and a $300 budget for each pair and the winner will get a spa day!

The designers head to the workroom and meet their couples and start working on ideas for their looks and Jay and Fabio actually have a gay couple, so two menswear for them! Now the designers are fighting on who will take the menswear. Helen wants to do it, but Justin won’t let her and she is not happy. They head to Mood and get their fabrics.

Back in the workroom and Michelle is having a breakdown, as she is doing the menswear and she is not feeling well and Samantha is not helping at all. She is having a breakdown!

ZANNA’S CRITIQUES: She loves the color for Helen. She said it is a nice idea for Justin, but keep it masculine. She wonders if it will read on the runway for Samantha. She seems to love Michelle’s look. She told Sonjia that she doesn’t need to look like she just won a pageant. She told Dmitry they make things look simple that are not simple at all. She said Fabio’s look is sexy and sophisticated. She tells Jay the jacket will work for her, but will it work for a buff, masculine man? She says to add some masculine touches to it!

Jay thinks the jacket needs some touches and less pink, so he makes the sleeves the same gray color as the collar and lessen the pink and it helps tremendously. The singles come in and get their hair and makeup done. Jay’s guy loves the jacket, so that is all that matters. All the singles seem to love their looks and all the designers are very happy with their looks. Is something wrong tonight??? The singles head out on their dates!

It is the next day and now it is runway day! They wore their new outfits the night before, but now time to show them off to the judges. How awkward is this if the couples did not have good first dates? I am not feeling the looks from Jay or Fabio. Helen’s dress is a little short and I am loving the look for Michelle’s guy.

Time for the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2014 tonight and the judges tonight are Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judge Laverne Cox! Here we go:

  • Sonjia – I am loving the color and the dress is cute, but not sure how that cutout work for her.
  • Dmitry – the sweater is very cool and love the design, but it is a little boring to me.
  • Samantha – the skirt fabric is a little too much for me and looks frumpy.
  • Michelle – loving the sweater and those zippers and like the pockets on the pants and she did well.
  • Jay – that jacket is too much for me and the pants are baggy, but cute
  • Fabio – this shirt is too much for me to handle and the pants are kind of blah
  • Helen – not sure of this look and it is just laying there and plain
  • Justin – it is just a gray shirt and black pants, but they fit amazingly well, so he nailed that.

They will all get a critique tonight! Here we go:

  • Sonjia – Georgina said it is a great color and she stands out in a room, but not sure of the cutout. Isaac loves the cutout and otherwise she would be going to work. Alyssa said she looks beautiful, but not enough date night.
  • Dmitry – Laverna said she is underwhelmed by this. Georgina said she wanted something more showy.
  • Samantha – Alyssa said it is a first date outfit, but she could pick this up in a store. Georgina said not to go as long in the back. Isaac said if she moves in the wrong way then she’ll see her bra.
  • Michelle – Alyssa said she did an amazing job this week. Isaac said he likes it, but it looks junior. Laverne said if it was more fitted, it would be more chic.
  • Justin – Isaac said he made him nothing and it is Banana Republic. Alyssa gave it a high score and it was because of construction. Laverne says if it doesn’t work out, then he can call her!
  • Helen – Alyssa said it looks like a pair of amazing pajamas. Georgina liked the back and it gave her personality. Isaac said the design and lines, but in the front she looks pregnant.
  • Jay – Alyssa said absolutely brilliant with the colors. Isaac said these pants are easy and chic.
  • Fabio – Alyssa said this is wearable and hot. Georgina said she got scrubs, but in an interesting way. Laverne said he doesn’t look comfortable in it. Isaac said it is like gay priest on a yacht.

The judges discuss all the looks. Who do you think is going home and winning tonight? I am thinking it will be Samantha going home and Fabio for the win? The designers are back on the runway and here are the results from tonight:

  • Winning Designer – Fabio
  • Safe – Dmitry, Sonjia, Michelle, Jay, Samantha, Helen and Justin
  • Eliminated Designer – No one! The designers have faith in all of them, so they are giving them all a second chance!

What do you think of the results on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight?

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