We get to see the designers on Project Runway 2014 take on another team challenge and will be working with unconventional wedding dresses and Dita Von Teese as a guest judge! The designers will still be wound up after the double elimination on Project Runway Season 13 last week, so a team challenge will have the tensions going strong! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2014 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight with us!

Project Runway 2014 Spoilers - Week 6 Preview 10

Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers had to create a red carpet look for Heidi Klum to wear to an awards show. They had one day to create their look and many of the designers were struggling, especially when Heidi and Tim Gunn came in for their critique. They allowed them to go shopping again at Mood with $100 additional dollars. While we saw some very strong looks, all three designers on the bottom had a real good chance of going home. The judges discussed the looks and it was Mitchell and Kristine that were sent home in a shocking double elimination!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 13? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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