We have gone months without Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on Project Runway 2014 and they are finally back and my Thursday nights feel complete with the Project Runway Season 13 premiere tonight! We have one more night of auditions, as 19 designers will fight for the 16 spots available on Season 13. This will be fun and time to see the designers see if they can make it work! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2014 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight!

Project Runway 2014 Spoilers - Premiere

For tonight, we will meet the 19 designers fighting for a spot on Project Runway Season 13. We have 18 new designers and then Runway Redemption is back and the voting was open earlier this year to bring back Ken Laurence (Season 12), Alexander Pope (Season 12) or Amanda Valentine (Season 11). Who do you think won the vote? We will find that out tonight! We may have the return of designers, but we also have the return of the Tim Gunn Save. During the season, Tim can save one designer from going home and give them another shot at being the winner of Project Runway Season 13!

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Which 16 designers move on tonight on Project Runway 2014? Find out in our recap starting soon!


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It is lucky Season 13 and 18 designers are making their way for the final audition and they are narrowing it down to 15 tonight. They will meet Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum. The designers will join the winner of Runway Redemption as the final designers for Season 13. Tim Gunn meets the designers and said they will be presenting to the judges and breathe! Here we go!

Korina – She said she is American Indian and is inspired by that. Heidi asked if she is allowed to buy things today. She said she is the first designer in there and pretty calm, but Zac said she shouldn’t be!

Jefferson – He is fresh from design school. He was a hip hop dancer for eight years, so claims he knows how the body works. Heidi said he has a lot of stories, but maybe too many.

Emily – Heidi likes the dress matching her hair.

Sean – Heidi said she is impressed and Nina said he has a sophisticated eye.

Emmanuel – Zac said he is a good designer with his looks, but he sees three different designers on that rack.

Char – Heidi loves the pop of yellow. I like her personality.

Christine – Zac loves her work and Nina said she seems secure.

Alexander – Heidi said she sees a lot of volume and he is creative. He does that avant garde look.

Mitchell – He said he came from very little and humble beginnings. Heidi said she likes his pieces and they are wearable, but Zac is not blown away. Something tells him he could be blown away and thinks he could be fiesty.

Nzinga – Heidi said she is showing them one dress in all the looks.

Tim – He said his looks are for a middle-aged lesbian and Zac loves that it is lesbian couture.

Carrie – Heidi loves the seaming, but she may be copying the designers she loves. Tim hates hearing this comment!

Hernan – Heidi said he has some good ideas. He has sent out some of his pieces to Jennifer Lopez. Nina said he has skills, but worries about his taste.

Samantha – She said she is urbany.

Kini – He is a denim man and Nina loves it all.

fade – Nina said she doesn’t like anything in his rack, but likes what he is wearing.

Angela – She is very nervous. Heidi likes what she brought, but she needs to amp up the volume.

Sandhya – Nina loves her point-of-view and Zac said the favorite thing he has seen all day and loves her.

Time for the judges to discuss the designers and see who will be on Project Runway 2014! The designers eliminated are:

  • Tim Navarro
  • Nzinga Knight
  • Emmanuel Tobias

The other 15 designers are moving on and will be joining the winner of Runway Redemption, but who will it be?

WORKROOM: The next day arrives and the designers go into the workroom for the first time! Tim joins them and with her is Amanda Valentine from Season 11 and I like this option. I liked her and she was not all drama, like Ken would be!

CHALLENGE: They are going to give the judges a glimpse of the spring collection they would make, but only giving them one look. They have trunks in front of them with five different fabrics of three yards each. Not all trunks contain the same fabric and they can work it out with others to use their fabric. They have one day for the challenge.

The designers open their trunks and let the trading begin! Amanda is going around and everyone is introducing themselves to her, but no one is trading! And now, let the work begin! I am really liking Char and her personality, so I am hoping that her looks are good! Sandhya is dying her fabric. Angela is a hot mess and her nerves are going to knock her out of this competition!

TIM GUNN CRITIQUES: He tells Amanda she needs to be consistent with the look. He doesn’t think Jefferson’s look is going to do what he wants it to do. He is dubious with Sandhya. He tells Angela that she may have to give her model some grooming habits tonight! He tells Korina the belt is so limp. He said Mithcell’s look has an ’80s athletic vibe to it.

MODEL FITTING: This is the true test and seeing where the designers truly are. Amanda loves her pants, but Carrie said they are crafty. Mitchell and Korina are catty bitches in the corner!

The night comes to an end and the designers are all over the place and everyone is ripping on each other as they hang out in the apartments. Day 1 and everyone is bitchy!

RUNWAY DAY: The designers head to the workroom on Project Runway 2014. Lots of work to be done before the runway show tonight! Kini said that Mitchell’s look looks teen and too young. Mitchell finishes his look, so he offers his help to the other designers (maybe he isn’t as terrible as he is coming off). The time is running out and Angela is a hot mess and ironing her garment while it is on the model! Time runs out and they are heading to the runway!

RUNWAY SHOW: The judges tonight are Heidi, Zac, Nina and guest judge tonight is actress Julie Bowen. Tim Gunn will be sitting in on the runway shows to see if he wants to use his Tim Gunn Save. Here we go:

  • Sandhya – no clue what this fabric and it looks like koolaid stains
  • Angela – kind of boring and nothing spectacular about it
  • Alexander – loving the dress and the top is nice, but the patterns bother me
  • Sean – the dress is well done, but not sure it is anything wow about it
  • Carrie – love the fabric, but the dress is a little weird look to it
  • Samantha – very plain and nothing new about it and it is spring, so black is bad
  • Mitchell – it is a very young look, but I am liking it. The sewn shirt is not good though.
  • Kini – cute dress, but plain. The jacket was weird.
  • Jefferson – some very short, shorts and we might have some butt showing there!
  • Emily – this is blah and the vest thing is ridiculous
  • Hernan – a flowered dress…need I say more?
  • Korina – good flow to it and it is breezy and I am liking the color
  • Kristine – like the colors and it works
  • Amanda – I am a fan of the pants and the top is nice, but gray and black for spring?
  • Fade – nice dress, but the pattern is horrendous and all over the place
  • Char – skirt is cite and top is nice and they work together

JUDGING: Amanda, Jefferson, Mitchell, Sandhya, Char and Angela have the best and worst looks tonight. The other designers are all safe tonight on Project Runway 2014! Now time to look at each look:

  • Char – Nina said it is so charming, Julie likes this and likes the pocket. Heidi said she can see more pieces she can see with this. Zac said elegant and edgy.
  • Mitchell – Nina said she had very little to write about this and it didn’t say much. Heidi said it is very spring and fun and very junior. Julie said the top feels DIY and not as polished as it could be. Zac said it needs to be more than fun.
  • Sandhya – Julie loves the silhouette of the dress. Heidi said she has not seen anything like it before. Zac said it feels personal and that is what makes it special. Nina said it is inventive.
  • Jefferson – Heidi said this is terrible and the proportions are super strange. Nina said WTF and she is worried he doesn’t think there is a proportion problem. Julie said he dresses cool and thinks there is something cool about him that they aren’t seeing.
  • Amanda – Nina said to do something interesting and commercial is hard to do and this is that. Zac said the top is constructed well. Julie said the pants are done well. Heidi said it didn’t stand out for her.
  • Angela – Nina said the pants are low. Zac said there is a lot of skin. Heidi said your eye doesn’t know where to look.


  • Winner – Sandhya
  • Safe – Amanda, Char and Angela
  • Bottom 2 – Mitchell and Jefferson
  • Eliminated Designer – Jefferson (no Tim Gunn Save used)

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2014 tonight?

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