We have a lot of action on Project Runway 2014 tonight, as we have the four remaining designers making their way to Rome with Tim Gunn to find inspiration for their final collections on Project Runway Season 13! Then it is time to head home and work on those collections and home visits from Tim! Then back to New York for Fashion Week, but will all the designers be showing? Check it out with our Project Runway 2014 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight!

Project Runway 2014 Spoilers - Week 13 Preview 4

Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers hit the streets of New York City to find inspiration for their street chic look. While they thought this was it, they were thrown a twist when they saw old, losing looks from this season and had to redo them into winning looks. Two looks and two days and the pressure was on to make the finale! Emily Payne was so caught up in the street chic look (and it was not that great) and missed the mark on the redux look. Because of that, she was sent home and the other four designers moved on!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 13? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…the remaining four designers meet Heidi and Tim on the runway. They will have $9,000 to create a ten-piece collection over the next five weeks! They get a big surprise, as they find out they will be traveling to Rome, Italy, with Tim Gunn and they are ecstatic! They will have three days to explore the city for inspiration for their collections.

Who would have known that the Best Western has hotels in Rome! The designers arrive and I am beyond jealous. Tim takes them on a tour of Rome’s Greatest Hits, which includes The Coliseum. They sit down and chat with Tim about things and where they go from here. Sean has no studio at home, so that is his focus. Kini is going to take a couple days to soak it all in and then get to work. Char has never won a challenge, the only designer to not win that is left, and she feels blessed to be there. Sean said she should go buy a lottery ticket because she has had some luck during this competition.

Tim sits down with each individually and he tells Amanda to soak in all of Fashion Week. He tells Kini to be precise and detailed. Char questions why he used his save on him and he said he saw something special in her and to be true to herself and he sees it coming together at Fashion Week.

While in Rome, they get to go shopping for some Italian fabric! Amanda is loving it, but thinking she is spending too much. Nothing is jumping out to Kini. Char finds a fabric she loves, but it is so expensive and she is unsure. Tim said to buy it and make that her vocal point for her collection. Amanda said Char is just discovering her voice in fashion and she is only going up, so watch out for her!

Their time is up in Rome and now it is time for Tim to check-in with the designers on their collections and their progress. Up first is Kini and Hawaii. He said he got designer’s block once he got home and he has been struggling and does not have his collection done, which Tim thought he would have three collections done by now! Everything that he has done is very good and Tim is happy with it, but is it too boring? He then heads over to meet Kini’s family and a traditional luau! They all came out for it and it looks like a bunch of fun.

From Hawaii to Detroit, as Tim heads out to meet Char! He meets her family first and more emotions and being proud of her. More tears for me. They then go check out her collection and what she has been working on and we see lots of colors. She said everything is small in Rome, so she is designing simpler based on that. I am loving the little blue dress, but Tim is worried about the one look being too costume and I agree.

Now we are off to Nashville to check-in with Amanda on Project Runway 2014. She said nothing is finished right now, but has a lot of work done. She is all about patterns. He said he is having a very positive response, but there is a lot going on and told her to not overdo it! He then heads out to meet Amanda’s husband and their 100-year-old house! Amanda said she doesn’t think she could win the first time on the show, but now she thinks her chances are as good as everyone else and she could win Project Runway Season 13.

The final designer is Sean and Tim is there to checkout his collection in New York City. He said his collection came from the betrayal of Cesar and he worked that story into his collection, which surprised Tim. He is worried about using too much fringe, especially since Nina Garcia said he uses it a lot. Tim said to not worry about it, but he is concerned that there are two collections here!

We are back in new York City and it is time for Fashion Week on Project Runway 2014! The designers are back and enjoy their time together and some champagne. It is so nice to see positive energy among them all.

It is now three days until Fashion Week and the designers head into the workroom and their collections are there. Sean went back to the fringe and it is in every look, but it looks good from what I can see. Char feels her collection is outside of the box. Kini does not feel she has a clear point-of-view. In comes Tim and no stress now, but they are trying to get all their looks finished and in order. That will change soon enough, right?

The designers head into the makeup room and time for their makeup consultations and what they want for their show. They all are feeling good. Back in the workroom and Amanda and Char have some work to do, but Kini is bored and has nothing to do, which is shocking to no one! In comes Tim and here comes the stress! The judges want to see a preview of their collection, so they have to bring out three looks and it will happen in two hours!

The models come in and the designers pick out the three looks they will show. Hair and makeup time and this runway show is about to get real! Time runs out and the models and designers head to the runway show. Will the judges send anyone home from these previews???

Time for the runway show on Project Runway 2014 and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia. There will be no elimination and it is just a preview and some feedback from the judges. Here we go:

  • Amanda – The skirt on the first look is great and I love it. The dress is very nice done and it is cohesive. The last dress is so cool and loving the colors and patterns on it.
  • Sean – The first look is really cool and love the draping on it. Very great second look and there goes more fringe, but I am not liking it on the second look. The final skirt is great and the fringe is on fire for this one.
  • Char – The fabric is great from Rome and this is a very cool look. I am liking the dress and the different look to it and patterns used. The last look is so cute too and I am liking her looks tonight!
  • Kini – Love the whole first look. The top is awesome and awesome skirt. Love the top on the second look and he can construct so well. Not sure about the last look and those shoulders are too much for me to handle.

Now it is time for some feedback from the Project Runway judges 2014 on each of the designers’ previews tonight:

  • Sean – Heidi said she likes what he has done and it feels fresh and modern. She is a fan of the fringe and it moves great down the runway. Zac said this is very good work and he wouldn’t change the styling. Nina said that she loves he is working with separates, but she is worried about honing in on the fringe and you want to see a range from the designer. Heidi said you don’t want to see it on every piece (which he does have).
  • Char – Heidi likes what she brought today, but does not see how it all ties in and it is not very cohesive. Nina said the middle look needs to go and it looks like an ace bandage. Zac likes the final look. Nina wants to see more of the personal style that Char has.
  • Amanda – Zac said put more of the jewelry on and it is exceptional. Nina said it makes her clothes look more expensive. Heidi said her clothes have an ease about them and she always wants to buy all of them and a lot of girls will want this. Nina said it is gorgeous and get rid of the Bohemian concept and get rid of the middle look and she is ready to bring her game to the next level.
  • Kini – Heidi said this looks very old lady and she feels he is much better than this and he needs to restyle it and he needs to hit the ground running. Nina said he does not need the final look and he does not need the coat and he has gone lady. Heidi said the hair and makeup needs to be redone. Zac said she is not cool or edgy or sexy. Nina said to make some new separates and he can do this and he needs some coolness. Heidi said she is a huge fan of his and she wants him to be successful and he can do this.

The designers have some work to do before the final runway show next week! Which collection is your favorite heading into next week?

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