It looks like some changes are happening for Project Runway 2013, as they have announced that Michael Kors replaced by Zac Posen as judge for Project Runway Season 11! This is huge news because Michael has been a judge for all ten seasons, so this will be all new territory for the judges panel. When you think of Project Runway you think of Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors! Will it be the same without Michael Kors on Project Runway Season 11?

Don’t worry though, for now this is only a seasonal assignment for Posen. Kors is too busy with his personal schedule and has stepped aside for one season, but he will serve as a guest judge for the Project Runway 2013 Finale Runway Show! This means we won’t have to go a full season without Michael bringing his sass to the runway!

Zac Posen is very excited to be joining Project Runway Season 11 though, as he announced on his Twitter: “So excited to be the new judge on @ProjectRunway Season 11!! Joining @heidiklum @ninagarcia and @TimGunn.” How does host Heidi Klum feel about the Project Runway news? She tweeted: “Welcome Zac! I will miss you this season my brother @MichaelKors I love you!” Lots of love over at Project Runway 2013, huh?

Like I said, Michael will be back for the season finale and there are no hard feelings between him and the show. This is all for personal reasons and he definitely will be back. How do you feel about Zac Posen joining Project Runway 2013? He brings in a twenty year younger voice to the table, so that could change a lot of things. I guess we will find out when Project Runway Season 11 premieres on Lifetime on January 24!

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