Pregnant Snooki is having a hard time being sober and is dieting so she doesn’t gain baby weight. “Snooki was not expecting to get pregnant at all, and before she found out she was partying like crazy,” a friend reveals in a new Reality Weekly report. “She’s admitted that she was drinking a lot at New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, but the truth is it’s way worse than she’s letting on. She was on a total binge over the holidays — it was one party after another, so now she can’t help but panic a little.”

Jionni has always despised Snooki’s drunken ways, so she’s hesitant to tell him her fears. “She’s keeping it to herself because she doesn’t want to scare Jionni, but she’s definitely stressed,” the source says. “She can’t help but be afraid that her partying might have put her pregnancy in danger.”

Snooks is also concerned about not drinking for the next six months! “She’s vowed not to drink, but Snooki is definitely tempted,” the source reveals. “Her friends are a little worried about her because it’s such a big change and not one she was really ready for. She’s having a hard time adjusting to being sober 24/7.”

Snooki’s also not ready to gain the weight that comes with pregnancy. “She’s freaking out about it,” the insider says. “She worked so hard to get back to her best shape and now the pounds are piling on, which is natural but that doesn’t make it any easier.” Jionni is trying to be a supportive fiance. “Jionni is telling her not to worry about it, that she’ll have no trouble losing the baby weight but she’s still really worked up about it.”

She’s still secretly dieting! Jionni’s been trying to feed Snooki enough calories for a healthy baby, but she’s not eating the huge plates of food he prepares. “Most of it hits the trash when he’s not looking,” the source says. “Snooki doesn’t see anything wrong with it but it’s definitely pretty worrisome, the last thing she should be worried about right now is her figure.” Like us on Facebook by clicking here. Follow us on Twitter by clicking here.

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