Episode 7 of Project Runway All Stars Season 2 tonight and seven designers remain, so is it a lucky week for someone? Well, we know for sure it will be an unlucky week for someone on PR All Stars 2012 when another designer is eliminated. Tonight on PR All Stars Season 2 it is the challenge all the designers hate, but the judges and audience love to watch: the unconventional challenge! Check out the video below of the Project Runway All Stars 2012 preview, but things are going to get very festive tonight, but who was eliminated on PR All Stars 2012?

Last week the designers were using eco-friendly and green materials and fabrics to create their looks and tonight it is all about using the unconventional products to create a look. While some struggled last week, others shined and took on the green challenge with ease. Laura Kathleen went for a jumper for the red carpet look, which I was not impressed by, but the judges loved it, including guest judge Diane von Furstenberg, and she was picked the winner.

Tonight, with the holiday season in the air, the designers will take on the unconventional challenge and will have to create looks using Christmas supplies and decorations! How these designers will be able to make a dress out of Christmas ornaments is beyond me, but we shall see tonight! Serving as guest judges tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2012 are music icon Kylie Minogue and TV personality La La Anthony. These challenge are always interesting on Project Runway, so we should be in for a treat tonight. Check out the PR All Stars 2012 clip below:

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