Jeff Probst Blogs Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Episode 6

| March 25, 2010 at 11:57 AM EDT

The Boston Rob vs. Russell showdown continues!

Russell: He’s threatening Russell Hantz. When do you that, you go.
Rob: He’s not playing with the amateurs anymore. Playing with the big boys now.

Rob: I’m just telling you watch your back.
Russell: Same thing for you man, watch your back.

Russell: Boston Rob says it’s better to play with me than against me. Oh, really? I believe I’m gonna get him to eat those words.

And last night, I think Rob was served an appetizer.
More on that later.

Physically, Boston Rob continues to dominate this game. I don’t think there is anybody left that can beat him at any of the challenges. Like him or hate him, you cannot deny that if you’re in a fox hole, B-Rob would not be a bad guy to have in there with you. Part McGuyver, part Pete Rose — in my book, he’s money.
And for all of you who are saying “Nah nah nah nah nah nah! Look at how well James did, he did better than Colby in the challenge! The Heroes were right to keep him in the game!!” Well, you’re right. He did beat Colby, and so did Rupert, and in response, James had some funny comments that I’m sure were tough for Colby to hear:

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Get Ready For Some Reality TV Tonight

| March 24, 2010 at 11:38 AM EDT

We have several shows on the major networks tonight to get ready for.  Survivor Heroes vs. Villains is on tonight instead of Thursday so be sure to set your DVR’s if you are unable to watch.

Also America’s Next Top Model is back to their usual hour long episode on the CW.  Immediately following is the series premiere of Fly Girls and after that High Society.

We find out who gets eliminated on the results show of American Idol.  Be sure to check out Killer K’s view of Miley as a mentor and the overall downfall of the show in the blog below.

Check back tomorrow for your recaps and opinions on what goes down tonight.

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Miley graces us with her presence on AI…

| March 24, 2010 at 6:43 AM EDT

Oh man…could it get any worse? 2 hours AND Miley Cyrus? Somebody kill me now! LOL…Ashley pretty much nailed it on, with her blog…but I’ll continue! I have no problem coming on here putting down TV’s biggest show, why? Cuz I’m not and haven’t been a fan! I watch to kick it around with you people, and I always try to keep it positive, but what I’m seeing is even the people who used to like the show, DON’T like it, this season!

Simon will start X Factor here in the States and AI will be in that “Used to be cool” catagory….so the hardcore fans of the show can be mad and stomp their feet like a 2 year old, but last night’s show was beyond horrible and shows WHY this is a fading show!

Tell me where I’m wrong! Tell me Paige was great! Tell me I just don’t understand Tim Urban, how he’s a real artist or whatever…I’d laugh in your face if you did, but you know as well as I do, hardcore AI fan…it’s going down!

Last night’s episisode? As usual Paige sucked! I haven’t liked her since the 1st time I seen her…Tim Urban, I almost feel bad for the guy cuz he takes so much abuse from the judges, but hey…he put himself out there, so deal with it Timmy boy! No matter how he sings, the fools in the crowd cheer for him…how’s anyone ever supposed to know who’s really good when everyone gets good responses from the crowd? They need the crowd from “America’s got Talent” to sit in! LOL…I really hate that BTW, that no matter how bad someone is, they get cheered…

Ashley didn’t like Siobhan but I like her! I’m a little sick of the high note ending, that’s quickly becoming her trademark, but I really think she’s got it! I think music’s in her blood…the kind of thing you can’t learn or teach…one of those, “Got it or don’t” things…she’s a good singer, but she’s got that little extra that most don’t have and her being strange or socially awkward, is sometimes just a side effect of being talented or gifted…

I didn’t think Big Mike sucked too bad, in fact he’s good! Just a little typical for him….I thought Casey James is by far the best! I think Kara’s right about him….he’s out of the rest’s league, he’s ready to cut an album and tour right now! Watch and see…he’s this seasons Chris Daughtry…I LOVE when he plays the guitar solos and the electric in general, and I don’t care what Simon says, the guy’s GOOD!!

I’m not feeling the whole “Hippy movement” thing with Crystal…I know everyone seems to love her, but I’m not into 60’s folk and don’t see HOW that’s going to translate into today’s music, but I could be wrong..wouldn’t be the first or last time on that!

I don’t need to go off about Miley do I? Hell yes I do!! LOL…This girl thinks she’s just IT!! She probably feels she’s graced us with her mere presence on the show….I bet she’s been told since she was like 3, that she was just soooo special, blah blah blah….I don’t think she could take criticism on her best day! I think she’s so cocky and soooo not the right person for the “mentor” role!

Yeah….that’s what I’d want if I was on the show, a 17 year old giving me advice…What’s next? A child actor walking in and giving advice at an “How to become an actor” seminar? OH PLEASE with that! Who’s MILEY to give advice, if it even was advice…that’s debatable as well! If we’re going on album sales, I guess Susan Boyle’s next? They really should pick someone who can help the singers…not somebody like Miley! Just like Ellen adds nothing to the show, Miley added nothing with her advice…it was so basic that you could have applied what she was saying to anyone…yayyyy for Miley Cyrus! NOT!! LOL….


“Kinda” Dancing with the “So-so” Stars..

| March 23, 2010 at 8:41 AM EDT

People, believe me when I tell you..I always try to find something positive to say when I’m reviewing a show..especially a show I like, but I thought last nights Dancing with the Star premiere was kinda lame!

I didn’t see any knockout performances, mostly so-so dancing with very little to rave about! I’m not too pleased with season 10’s cast, but I’m looking past that and going on what I see with the dancing!

I think Chad kinda got the shaft, and that could be cuz he was the 1st one, but still..I didn’t think he was THAT bad! I think he’s going to better than the other football guys on previous seasons, including Jerry Rice!

I’m almost forced to root for Jake(Sorry Ashley! Lol) cuz of Chelsie! I like her the best as far as dancers..that a little weird seeing Gia sitting there with Vienna. It was probably a setup thing from ABC, but it was a little awkward,to say the least!

I think Nicole has a huge advantage being a front woman in a dance style pop act! I won’t go into my usual diatribe about that, but its clear from her performance, she’s already at the head of the pack!

We were made to wait for Kate Gosselin and Pam Anderson, like a headline act at a concert, and just as I thought, it wasn’t good! It’s nice to see Kate get a little blasting from the me mean, but I think she’s oblivious to the fact that’s she not loved by America like she was at the height of the popularity of “Jon and Kate plus 8”, so I don’t think she’ll be around as long as the show would like her to be..

I thought Pam wasn’t flat out horrible but she wasn’t spectacular neither!

I didn’t like Buzz, I think having the older contestant is waste of might be kinda nice, like seeing Uncle Joe get up and dance at a wedding but not the best TV watching!

I think it’s way too early for tears, Shannen and Niecy! Not big fans of theirs..

I don’t think Erin’s as hot as everyone thinks, but she’s got some potential with those long legs! I think Aiden got bashed on a little too hard but maybe I didn’t see him doing that bad cuz I was watching Edyta and her cool dress!

I have no clue who will be voted off, but I’d say Buzz, Shannen and Niecy should be in the bottom 3, how about you?


Sinbad’s gone…Bret stays!

| March 22, 2010 at 6:46 AM EDT

As hard as it may be to believe, Bret Michaels went from being an awesome project manger, to having his head on the chopping block in 2 short weeks! I didn’t wanna see Sinbad go, cuz I think he’s funny and brought something to the show, but I couldn’t believe Bret was even being discussed as a person to fire!

Yes I’m biased to Bret Michaels and Sharon Osbourne…I’ll put that right out there, but come on now, you can see it coming right up 5th avenue!! Bret IS going to be thrown under the bus! He’s almost an easy target! Which doesn’t seem fair, but I think Bret is a gamer and I think he’s good in defense of himself, although I think he’s been a little too reserved! He needed to DROP the gloves and be like, “Let’s get it on!”

Have these celebs not seen this show before? Have they ever seen ANY vote off type reality shows? I’m almost shocked to see how everyone’s trying to be so nicey nice! We’ve all seen the wrong person get fired so many times on The Apprentice, haven’t we? All it takes is for Trump to hear a certain something he doesn’t like and BAM! FIRED! LOL….

The girls won, but not by much..I’ve about HAD IT already with Cyndi! I mean come on already, is that her thing? Whenever in crisis sing a song? One of your OWN songs? How vain is that btw? She just seems to be sooo annoying! After she sings “She-Bop” next week, I think she too, is an easy target for the girls!

I love Sharon to death but Sharon, darling…please put some damn gloves on, or at the very least break out the hand sanitizer! LOL…how gross was that?

So week 2 rundown? I’m digging Goldberg, Bret and I was bummed to see Sinbad go, although he was right the right choice, no? If I were in the boardroom I may have tried to get rid of Rod just based on overall gameplay, not just the single task…it seems they kinda forget about things, as far the big picture, but maybe it’s a little early….I think Bret’s a gamer and truly wants to win! If there’s ever a Celebrity edition of Big Brother, I think he’d be a GREAT player!

For the girls, of course I like Sharon and Maria, with the exception of that stupid looking red thing on her head last night! What was that? I was thinking some sort of hat, but maybe it was something blowing in the wind that got stuck on her head…I couldn’t figure it out but YUCK!! I don’t like Cyndi and pretty much don’t have an opinion of the rest…yet anyway!

One thing’s for sure…I’m happy to be on the side of tons of girlie girls, who are fans of Bret’s and say, “Go Bret!”…lol..

At least so far…


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