America’s Got Talent Returns!

| June 2, 2010 at 7:39 AM EST

America’s biggest talent show returned last night as the 5th season of “America’s got Talent” officially got under way! I was falling asleep watching most of it thinking, “They better have some better acts than this”!!

Going into last night, I stuck to my previous claim that there should be no solo singers! I just didn’t see the need! A band? fine…a duo? Maybe…but a solo singer? Especially after last season with the whole Kevin Skinner thing? NO WAY! It’s a little too “American Idol” for me..That was until the last act..more on that in sec!

Little side note here…can we PLEASE stop getting the shot of Nick Cannon side stage? It’s beyond Corny..and it’s like every single act!

I think something else should be halted on the show! And that’s these 20 member dance teams! I LOVE to watch good dancing…but there’s already a ton of dance shows! You know? It’s like ..go on “SYTYCD”! Go on “America’s best dance crew” or whatever…I mean seriously, can you really see yourself paying to see a show in Vegas with some of these dancer acts? NO WAY!! And I’m the guy who paid 100 bucks for “Blue Man Group” tix!!

This show almost stuns me more than AI!! I just can’t believe the people that come out in droves, thinking they have talent! Most of them wouldn’t know talent if it came up and bite their nose off! Seriously! I was struggling to get through last night’s episode! From the freaks drilling and sticking things in their faces, to the ridiculous singing of “Dust in the Wind”, or the chainsaw chics, or the terrible bartender deal! Come on already!! LOL…

That Hannibal guy could actually sing, but he’s looks like the devil in my version of hell! I mean damn! I’d probably RUN in the other direction if I seen that dude walking down the street! The old man who danced was cute to see, if that’s Uncle Joe at a family wedding or something…but on AGT? Ummm..that would be a big fat NO! There were a couple decent acts..the painter chic was ok..the french street dancer was pretty cool, but for the most part…this 1st episode wasn’t all that! UNTIL Michael from Mississippi came on…and blew me away! Damn!

I had already prepared this next section in my mind..blasting the “singers” because there’s already such a huge outlet for them! That was until Michael Grimm come on and absolutely KILLED it with “You don’t know me”! I mean WOW, is this guy awesome or what? I don’t even like that song or that style of music in general, but I’m telling you…this kid ROCKS! I’m SOO glad I didn’t turn it off before he sang…cuz I almost did!  Here’s the video in case you missed it.

You won’t hear me rant and rave about many singers/acts on these kinda shows very often..So get ready cuz here it comes! 30 year old Michael Grimm STOLE the show, and has set the bar very high! It’s going to take some major talent to get me to change my mind!

As great as it is to see someone like Michael..with talent oozing out of him, to me it’s sad that this guy, and many more like him AREN’T already signed to major label deals! To me it’s sad, that someone of his caliber has to even have to perform on the same stage as most of these people who THINK they have talent!

It’s SOO not fair! The music industry should be questioning what’s going on in music?! If I’m the head of a major label? I’m calling this kid today and signing him right now! I just can NOT believe that NO ONE noticed this guy before! You KNOW this isn’t his 1st time playing out! You know he’s probably been playing a long time, yet he goes unnoticed..probably has to work a normal’s ridiculous! The best musicians/singers should be in the music business! Just like the best baseball players should play baseball…I think the music industry is about the quick buck these days instead of making money off true talent..Think I’m wrong? Turn on the radio sometime…music these days is in trouble!

Instead of a band getting signed cuz of who they know at the record label, they should break out the good ole “A&R” department and FIND people like Michael Grimm! Am I only the one who wants the best people playing the best music? Just think of all the good songs, the good music in general, that we’ll never hear because so many will never get a real shot!

His performance was flawless! No band backing him up! His guitar playing was dead on…I’m telling you people..this guy is good! I know they’ll be people who disagree..or think it was just so-so…but IMO? He’s the man to beat!

BTW, did you see when he called his grandma? This isn’t some cocky jackass acting like, “I’m the man!” bragging about how good he is! He called just like a normal guy…not knowing how good he REALLY is!

Talent AND a good guy in general? That’s a powerful combo! Too bad no one’s noticed it..til NOW! Kick some ass Michael Grimm! I got ya my man!!

Killer K


American Idol: It’s Over and Time to Move On

| May 28, 2010 at 10:26 AM EST

It’s time to move on from the American Idol world.  People can’t seem to quit talking about Crystal losing but like I said in my previous article, she would get a record deal and she does.  She and Lee both signed their recording contracts yesterday with 19 entertainment so expect their albums to come out later in the year but if you haven’t gotten enough, you can go to itunes to download both of their singles, Lee’s “Beautiful Day” and Crystal’s “Up to the Mountain”. 

Now it’s time to get geared up for the Summer’s reality shows.  So You Think You Can Dance started last night with their auditions in New York and Miami and we got the same old thing with seeing absolutely horrible dancers who think they were born to be stars and some brilliant dancers that made me think this is going to be the best season to date. 

The Bachelorette’s premier was last Monday and we got to see Ali entertain her 25 suitors with some crazy characters who are sure to turn this season into some more drama filled episodes that we’ve all come to expect from the producers. 

Starting this week we have the return of Hell’s Kitchen and America’s Got Talent and premiering July 8, the summer’s #1 reality show, Big Brother, is back with an all new cast who will backstab, lie and compete for the $500,000 prize and we will break down all the gossip and storylines so get ready because it’s going to be a great summer!


Lee Dewyze is the next American Idol

| May 26, 2010 at 10:54 PM EST

We have a winner and it isn’t Crystal Bowersox.  Lee Dewyze won the night on American Idol and will record “Beautiful Day” as his first single.  I must say I’m happy with the results.  I know there are a lot of Crystal fans out there and you shouldn’t worry, she will record an album as well. 

Tonight was a long one for the finale and it was full of surprises.  Alice Cooper showed up to rock the house with the top 12 and Orianthi jamming on the guitar.  It is about time we got a true rocker on the show.  I mean this guy is a legend.  He was doing heavy metal before there was heavy metal lol.  His international fame spans almost 5 decades and he can still rock it.

I didn’t see the need for the Bee Gees or Hall and Oates.  I mean these guys are way past their prime and while they were awesome in their day, that day is past.  I thought Idol could have gotten some more current entertainers for Simon’s last show.

I liked Crystal with Alanis Morisette even though I see her more as a Melissa Etheridge type singer but Etheridge couldn’t perform due to a contract she signed with DWTS saying she couldn’t sing on this season of idol.  Hmmm is DWTS a little jealous or what?  I don’t see what the big deal is and why it was necessary to have her sign that kind of a contract.  Talk about going to extremes and hating another show lol.

Idol producers thought it would be something for Lee to sing a medley with Chicago since he is from Chicago and I’m sure Lee was thinking WTF after Crystal got Alanis but now he’s stuck with TPTB at least for a year.

Casey James got the best performer of the night.  He came out singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and I was thinking is he about to sing with Poison without Bret or what.  I never thought Bret would be there but by God, he came out jamming and it was awesome.  I love me some Bret!  I had posters all over my room of him when I was a teenager lol.  How much better could it get to have Casey and Bret sing on stage together.  Here is the video of their song.

Even though Lee Dewyze was crowned the winner and Crystal Bowersox is the runner up, mark my words, Casey James will be the one to make it big. 

How did you like the finale tonight?


Nicole Scherzinger wins “Dancing with the Stars”!

| May 26, 2010 at 12:25 AM EST

Dancing with the Stars 10th season came to close with Nicole Scherzinger taking the mirrorball trophy and winning a tight contest over Olympic gold medalist skater Evan Lysacek. Although I thought Nicole was just a half step above Evan and way above everybody else, it really was neck and neck between Nicole and Evan this season!

I thought we were headed for this showdown a few ago! And tonight IMO, the right person won! Nicole worked hard, took the opportunity she was given, and didn’t take anything for granted! She seems very happy to have won! I applaud her and Derek who I mentioned yesterday as being the best professional dancer on the show!

I thought the show was a little long tonight! I thought it could have been an hour and saved everyone a lot of time! I mean did anyone REALLY enjoy the whole Jake and Vienna thing? I do have to admit, I was surprised with Vienna’s dancing! Believe me, I’d love to come on here and shred her…but she was better than I thought! Once it was her and Jake dancing, the floor could have caught fire and I wouldn’t have cared.. just NOT feeling “The Bachelor” love, sorry!

I’m also not…like SOOOO not feeling the Kate Gosselin love..again! I mean what is with this lady? Like, “Blah blah blah…my new show..blah blah blah Kate plus 8” and then proceeds to go on the dance floor and suck it up WORSE than before! Except this time, she’s got this “I don’t give a damn” attitude…like, “Screw all you people!”..directed at people like me, I’m sure! LOL…Then what was that weird cam shot during “I will Survive”? I mean Kate, you just GOTTA get over yourself! Geez! I felt like this was a “Celebrate Kate” segment gone horribly wrong!

I won’t mention all the filler in the episode…believe me, you didn’t miss all that much if you didn’t see it all! I didn’t mind the Pamela and Niecy dances…at least it looked they actually worked on their dances since they’ve been gone!

I thought Nicole and Derek’s dance to “Proud Mary” put the slam dunk on Nicole’s win! Was that some dancing or what?

Despite claims from the judges and critics alike, I do NOT think this was the best season of DWTS!! No WAY!! Maybe you think I’m wrong, and I’m sure you’ll tell me!

I DO however think the person who entertained the most, put on the best dances and eventually won, was the right choice and a deserving winner! NICOLE!!!


American Idol 2010: Simon’s Last Night To Judge

| May 25, 2010 at 9:47 PM EST

It was a great night for Simon Cowell to give the final critiques of his American Idol career.  You couldn’t have asked for two better singers from this season, unless you want to throw in Casey James, for Simon to have as the Top 2 finalists. 

I thought in honor of the judge we all love to hate I would tell you what he thought of each of the performances tonight.

Lee – ‘The Boxer’ was Lee’s choice and Simon said “That was a kiss on the cheek, when I want a kiss on the lips. It’s got to be a bit more than that.”

Crystal – ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ was her favorite song of the season and Simon said “This brought me back to when we absolutely fell in love with you. You know what, we have a competition tonight, that was excellent.”

Lee’s second song was ‘Everybody Hurts’ and it was chosen by Simon Fuller.  Cowell said “You went a little bit off melody at parts. What I’m getting from you tonight, is your nervous.When you come out for your last performance, I want 10 out of 10.”

Crystal’s pick by the producer was ‘Black Velvet’ and Simon said “I had a little bit of a problem, because I’m almost allergic to that song. But I’ve got to tell you, you took that song and you absolutely nailed it. I’m very impressed, I mean, really good.”

The last choice is the song the contestants will release as their first single if they win the competition.

Lee sang ‘Beautiful Day’ and Simon said, “this is what this competition was designed for, someone like you who needs a break…I genuinely wish the best for you. You’re a great guy.”

Crystal’s final song was ‘Up To The Mountain’ and Simon said as his last and final critique, “I thought that was by far the performance and the song of the night. And since this is going to be the final critique I’m ever going to give, that was outstanding.”

A good night for Cowell and a great night for the finalists.  Be sure to watch tomorrow night as the winner is crowned and we bid Simon farewell.


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