‘The Biggest Loser’ recap: More puking, sweating and yelling

| October 6, 2010 at 5:20 PM EDT

“The Biggest Loser,” Season 10, Episode 3

There’s not a lot you can do with “The Biggest Loser” to make it fresh. But NBC is trying. Like giving the contestants video cameras to interview themselves raw and close-up like “The Blair Witch Project,” only scarier.

They’ve also moved the weigh-ins to the middle of the long two hours making the last hour pretty anti-climatic. Why, oh why is this show two hours long in the first place? I’ve gotten off track. I’m supposed to be talking about what happened Tuesday night.

Tuesday’s “Biggest Loser” opened with aforementioned “Blair Witch” camera close-ups. Then they cut to the contestants where Tina is going to “clear the air” about wanting to go home last week. She “clears the air” by saying she’s going to ask to go home that day. That’s the worst “clearing the air” I’ve EVER seen.

Then Lisa pipes up and says she wants to go home, too. To help Allie who was eliminated last week/night. That starts a mini war then Bob comes in and pretends to be smarter than he is.

Everything is cleared up and they head to the gym. Without Jillian. Where’s Jillian? Maybe she’s off selling her diet pills. So the workout is all Bob’s. There’s a lot of Bob yelling. Then he talks about riding Jesse. Then people throw up and scream. Bob explains that if you disrespect him, he’ll turn into a bitchy queen.

Jillian returns. She convinces the girls to hate each other like girls often do anyway. I could see the spark in Burghundy’s eyes. She’s got Season 10 villain written all over her.

Then Sami Brady shows up with Anna Kournikova so the contestants can play tennis. Anna leaves and Sami, now in a hat, tells them it’s time for a pop challenge. The winner will get immunity. The players target Burghundy because, again, she’s got villain written all over her, and she’s out first. Frado wins immunity.

Sami announces another “surprise” weigh-in then heads back to Salem. Everyone freaks out and prepares for the weigh-in.

Back at the ranch, Frado, Patrick and Brendan form an alliance and they immediately get cocky like any reality show meathead alliance.

Time for the weight-in. The girls do terribly once again. Adam wins the weigh-in with 12 pounds lost. The people below the yellow line are Burgundy, Tina, Sophia, Lisa, Aaron, Elizabeth and Brendan. Adam is allowed to save one of them while the others have to play in an elimination challenge. Adam saves Aaron. No surprise there since reality TV men act live 8-year-old boys guarding a club house.

So the girls and Brendan battle it out in piles of sand. The first four people to find brass rings buried under a ton of sand are safe. The two people who are left without rings will be up for elimination. And those two people are Tina and Lisa. Interesting, right? Since those were the two who wanted to go home early in the episode. Lisa claims she finally gets it and now wants to say. Tina, however, completely blows her pleads to stay, sealing her fate.

Tina goes home.

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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ NeNe vs. Dwight

| October 5, 2010 at 12:27 PM EDT

Fans of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are reeling today over last night’s season premiere and NeNe’s fight with Dwight. It was only a matter of time before that happened because Dwight, often called the other housewife is more of a bitch than any of the real cast members. Relive the fight:

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‘Hoarders’: Kathleen & Margree recap, deleted scenes

| October 5, 2010 at 11:38 AM EDT

Last night’s “Hoarders” was pretty standard. There was a lot of clutter and even more family resentment. However, instead of dead cats we have black mold. There were a couple close ups of animal droppings though. A&E couldn’t let us go without a little animal filth.

Kathleen is widowed and has two children. She’s also a teacher. So much of her hoard is composed of school supplies and gifts from students. A teacher as a hoarder makes perfect sense to me now. Think of all those crappy gifts we used to give our teachers. That’s 30 students a year, with at least one holiday gift a year, for, say, 20 years. That’s a lot of crappy painted apples and World’s Best Teacher trophies (or in my case, crappy wooden earrings from my mom’s yard sale junk).

That one guy doctor shows up. You know, the boring one. He isn’t very good. So I block him out. Really,  I just prefer Dr. Robin Zasio. Where’s Robin? I want Robin and her condescending soft voice. Geralin Thomas, the organizer shows up too. OK, I feel better now that she’s here. There’s something comforting about Geralin. She’s looks like a politician’s wife. Or a home ec teacher. I’m longing for the day when Dr. Robin and Geralin are on the same segment. Not much goes on with the professionals. It’s Kathleen’s sister who really brings the drama this week. See, she’s a lawyer. So she knows a lot about hoarding. Or at least I think so from the things she said and all the yelling she did.

Actually, it just boils down to family resentment. That and hoarding go hand in hand. But Kathleen is ready to break the chain. She doesn’t want her son and daughter to resent her and her black mold. So she’s making a change.

The second segment focuses on Margree. She’s the wife of a reverend and he’s left home because of her massive hoard of wigs and Styrofoam heads. Margree’s biggest problem seems to be shopping. She likes to order from the home-shopping network. And she even has her remote control attached to her wrist so she doesn’t lose it. I really hope she has that invention trademarked. Margree’s house isn’t one of those with live raccoons under the bed. But she still has a lot of stuff.

So guess who shows up? Dr. Robin Zasio! Yay! Let the fun begin. Robin takes the tour. She flips her two-toned hair around a bit, makes her judgments and begins her therapy. Dorothy Breininger, the organizer pops in. I kind of like Dorothy (but she’s no Standolyn Robertson). They don’t get a lot done in this house because Margree’s husband shows up and he’s a big jerk. I thought a man of God would be a little nicer than he was. He was very standoffish and acted like a big bully. The fun part, though, was we actually got to see their marriage end right there on camera. And the even more fun part was watching Margree, her daughter, Dr. Robin and Dorothy form this girl power hug. I thought a freeze-frame then credit roll would’ve been appropriate right there but of course they had to ruin it with updates on the two hoarders.

The updates tell us that Kathleen is doing well. Her son has moved back home and they’re actually able to cook in their kitchen and have family meals. She’s seeking counseling. As for Margree, she definitely ended her marriage (which seemed to be a big part of her problem) and is still working with therapists and organizers.

“Hoarders” thought of the week:

Did you ever wonder why hoarders don’t have running water or a functioning refrigerator? What is it about clutter and junk that makes those things stop working? And where do those people go to the bathroom? Or shower? Or eat? Or store their Chinese food leftovers? Those are some of the saddest questions.

Delete scenes from last night:



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Adam Lambert Interview

| June 3, 2010 at 4:20 PM EDT

Yesterday I was on a conference call with Adam Lambert and we discussed his album, “For Your Entertainment” and his upcoming Glam Nation Tour which kicks off tomorrow in Pennsylvania.

…continued from American Idol Net.

Q:  Can you tell us more about the show itself?  And also the repertoire, what else are we going to hear besides the songs from the album?

AL:  There is a surprise cover in there, one or two.  But I’m kind of leaving them as wonderful surprises (as a way to place) the show.  And then the show itself was actually – it’s being visually inspired by kind of like a blend of turn of the century New Orleans meets like psychedelic classic rock. 

Q:  I wanted to ask you a little bit more about coming out after Idol.  Did you see that as sort of a necessary step to make the transition to being the Idol contestant to sort of launching the rest of your career?

AL:  Definitely because for me and my career, I wanted it to be an open book.  And for me I was like you know what, I’m just going to be who I’m going to be because it’ll be a hell of a lot easier and I knew that people would know about my sexual preference and my history being in Los Angeles as a performance artist and somebody that had been out and about.  So I figured there was no point in keeping a secret.  I might as well own it.  I’m proud of it and if the audience doesn’t like my sexuality then they can find another artist to look at.  It’s not a big deal.

Q:  What was your experience like recording (the album) and being able to collaborate with so many talented people?

AL:  It was really exciting.  I think that for me one of the things that makes getting signed to a major label really exciting is that you have access to working with some of the best producers in the business.  And as a lover of pop music I have always realized that that’s really the key is that you bring your talent to the table and your ideas to the table and you can work with people that make things just sound incredible.  And so that was probably the highlight for me.

Q:  Is there anything you learned about yourself from the first go round with Idol pre – Idol to now, to all that you have now.  Anything on a personal level that was a revelation to you about you?

AL:  I think that ultimately, I think that trusting my instincts has been kind of the biggest challenge and test since coming off of Idol.  It’s a business this music industry and it’s a lot of amazing, talented, very experienced people working in it.  And they have their opinions and I have mine and coming to compromises and figuring out what the best plan of action is, is definitely something I’m learning a lot about.   

Q:  What is something you hope to effectively communicate to fans and potential fans to attend your show?

AL:  There is definitely a really strong message of love.  I mean as cliche as that sounds, it’s very true.  I think that my fans have been incredibly supportive of me and this show is really built for them.


Night #2 on “America’s Got Talent”

| June 3, 2010 at 8:51 AM EDT

Night number 2 in Dallas on “America’s Got Talent”..

Taylor Matthews was good…especially for 18! But come on…”Over the Rainbow?” did anyone learn ANYTHING with the bad choices of song on AI?? I see him more on a show like AI…he was good no doubt, just not spectacular for me! I feel so bad for anyone that has stage fright like that though! That is the WORST thing for anyone getting ready for a performance..it’s “The catch” with playing a cool show..cuz NOTHING can help you get over it except getting on stage and after about 30 seconds, it’s over…none the less, stage fright sucks! Even some of today’s biggest stars experience it…we’ll see what he does in the next round..

We seen a little rapper, C.J. Dippa and yeah right Piers! Move over Eminem? And he LOVES the kids attitude? The kid was good, but NOT that good! The problem for me is, he’s doing the stereotypical “Rap” thing..and to me? THAT’S why most rap sucks! The kid admits to being a “player” at age 11..so all I see is wrong after wrong!! Yet the judges encourage him…make him think he’s the S***! That can be a HUGE mistake with young artists, and I realize this is a talent TV show but still! Nothing like making him an arrogant kid huh! Arrogant kids turns into “All about me” adults, it’s how it all starts…Whatever! I would have X-ed him! Sorry…I’m mean like that…lol

I still think there’s way too many people who have no business even being there, but I think that’s the shows point! It highlights their good acts, and I realize that..but it still sucks sometimes watching it, no? Like the turkey baster “musician”? Come on man!! And even though she got the judges attention, mostly Piers when she sat on his knee, I don’t think the burlesque dancer should go through…like Oh boy! A burlesque dancer! For me it would have been BUZZ..NEXT!! LOL

“Arc Attack” was pretty cool…the crowd seemed a little freaked! The genital daredevil guy can go! I mean come on…who wants to see that? I’m like holding myself watching it! That Jenna chic can fill out an app at a strip joint, cuz singing IS not gonna be her thing! Howie had it right with the dolla dolla bills! 1st hand strip club patron! LOL..The karate guy was cool, but cool enough for AGT? Ehh..I guess…even though you know he won’t be a serious contender..For some reason I’m a sucker for the dog acts, so I was glad to see them go through..Ms. Donna was ok I guess..as she’s half blind, I can see why they wanted the front rows cleared! LOL..

Tuesday night’s season premiere of “America’s Got Talent” drew 12.3 million television viewers, making it the highest-rated show in its time slot – higher than the popular Fox musical-drama “Glee,” the season opener of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” the season premiere of ABC’s “Wipeout” and reruns of the CBS drama “NCIS.”..

BTW, I have to apologize for missing “Hell’s Kitchen”!! I’m on it next week for sure! I thought it was on Thursday nights…my bad!

Killer K


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