X Factor USA Moves To Judges Houses

| October 12, 2011 at 3:03 PM EDT

X Factor USA moves to judges houses tonight when the season’s remaining 32 performers shift to the next phase in the competition. Simon will lead the female vocalists, LA the males, Paula will guide the groups, and Nicole has the adults.

This next phase of the X Factor 2011 season will last just three short episodes and span two weeks of broadcasts before a special episode dedicated to revealing the Top 16 finalists in late October.

The X Factor Judges House will involve direct, one on one mentoring between the judge and his or her group of performers. This is their best chance to show they have what it takes a be part of the group that moves on. Already several of the judges are identifying singers they know can compete in the next level. Soon we’ll get to find that out for ourselves when the show returns tonight and tomorrow.

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X Factor USA Final 32 Announced

| October 6, 2011 at 10:39 PM EDT

X Factor USA final 32 performers were announced and we’ve got those details.

First up though are the judges group assignments. You can find out who will be mentoring which X Factor Top 32 groups here. Those results will have a huge impact on the rest of the season so learn them well.

Now back to the Top 32 finalists for this season of X Factor:

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Survivor South Pacific: Episode 4 Results

| October 6, 2011 at 11:50 AM EDT

Survivor South Pacific episode 4 results are in and it wasn’t a good week for the Upolu tribe. After losing, just barely, another competition to Savaii they were back at the Tribal Council where one of their members would have to be sent home.

Ultimately the vote came down to eliminating Stacey Powell in an overwhelming majority. Everyone voted against her while Stacey voted for Edna to leave. Perhaps if Stacey had done a better job of talking to her tribe and reminding them she did hold a lot more weight in the competition than Edna could have then she might have stayed.

Now Stacey will face off against the repeat winner Christine who fended off last week’s eliminated castaway, Papa Bear. These two former allies will compete for the single chance at returning to the game. One will go home and one will press on.

Survivor South Pacific will be back next week for its fifth episode in the season.

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X Factor USA Boot Camp Part 2

| October 6, 2011 at 10:48 AM EDT

X Factor USA Boot Camp part 2 plays out tonight on FOX when Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, LA Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger make the final cuts and send over two thirds of the remaining singers home.

Last night on X Factor 2011 episode 5, 62 singers were cut and brought the total count down to 100. Tonight we’ll be left with just 32 performers once the next round of eliminations are over.

By the end of the night we’ll also know which judge will be mentoring which group. The spoilers indicate Simon will lead the girls, Paula will lead the boys, Nicole gets the groups, and LA gets the older singers. I think that’s a pretty good set of assignments so we’ll see how accurate that turns out to be.

After that, X Factor will shift its focus on the Judges Homes phase were the mentoring will last several more weeks through the rest of October. Once we hit November there will be live shows and America voting for who they want to move on each week. Lots of fun ahead!

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Survivor South Pacific Airs Episode 4 Tonight

| October 5, 2011 at 5:00 PM EDT

Survivor South Pacific airs episode 4 tonight on CBS when tribes Savaii and Upolu face again for the chance at immunity and a step closer to winning the million dollar prize.

After last week’s elimination of Papa Bear from the Savaii tribe they’ll need to rally under leader Ozzy for a hope at beating out Coach’s Upolu castaways.

There haven’t been many Survivor spoilers this season after CBS cracked down on previous season’s spoiler feeder, which turned out to be Russell Hantz. Too bad Baby Hantz didn’t take after his uncle in that fashion too, but I guess we’ll just have to wait to hear what happens next.

There’s a preview for Survivor South Pacific episode 4 if you want to check that out and see what happens tonight on the show. This week’s Redemption Island battle will bring together Papa Bear and Christine so I’m hoping it’ll be Christine’s last chance. The immunity challenge this time around looks pretty difficult as well with castaways being weighted down until they can’t handle the pressure.

Check back later for Survivor results on who was eliminated this week.

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