Highlights from The Amazing Race

| March 8, 2010 at 8:11 AM EST

Last night the teams raced from Argentina to Hamburg, Germany where they were taken on a rollercoaster ride around the city. 

When they first arrive in Germany, they get stuck at an intersection and for the first time in Amazing Race history teams must pair up with another group and a member from each team must race to bungee jump upside down from 150 feet.  After they jump they can split back up.

Teams then must choose between soccer and sauerkraut.  If they choose soccer, they race to a field and must kick 5 balls through 5 different targets.  In sauerkraut they must eat a plate of kraut before a band quits playing the sauerkraut polka.  The majority choose soccer. 

The detectives choose kraut and down their plate in a few seconds and are in the lead.  Jeff and Jordan also choose kraut but their cabby gets them lost trying to find the restaurant.  When they arrive, neither can eat it and they leave to try soccer.  They are in last place.

Teams must then make their way to Haifish where they drink a boot of beer and trade the finished boot in for a clue.  Most noteable in this are the cowboys whom have never drank beer and it takes them quite a while.  Brent and Caite have some problems when she won’t drink and he tries to down it too quickly and throws up outside the bar.  Jeff has no problem with the beer and drinks it in what appears a matter of seconds.

The detectives arrive first at The Beatle’s monument and make their way through the red light district of Hamburg, Germany to find the bar where The Beatle’s first played to come in first.  They each win a discover gift card worth $5000. 

Jeff and Jordan arrive last but to their happiness this was a non elimination round and they are still in the race.

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This Week On Reality TV

| March 7, 2010 at 7:56 PM EST

Here are a few shows this week on reality tv.

Sunday March 7 – Could this be the end for Big Brother couple Jeff and Jordan for tonight’s edition of The Amazing Race?  Also catch The Oscars on ABC.

Monday March 8 – The Bachelor completed its “On the Wings of Love” season this past week with the two hour finale and the After the Final Rose hour long segment in which everyone was stunned to see Jake and Vienna still together.  This week get ready for the first ever Bachelor wedding.  Jason and Molly exchanged vows last Sunday and we get to watch it all unfold for two hours on ABC.  Don’t expect a commentary on this one guys because it’s doubtful I will be watching.

Tuesday March 9 – Get ready for the Top 8 girls to perform live for your votes on American Idol.  For full commentary and to join the chatroom to discuss it all as it happens join us at americanidolnet.com. 

Wednesday March 10 – The Top 8 guys perform on AI and there are several who have pretty good possibilities.  Catch it live on FOX.  America’s Next Top Model begins its 14th season and immediately following is the debut of High Society, a new reality series which follows Tinsley Mortimer and her friends.

Thursday March 11 – The last Results show of American Idol on Thursday night.  After this week things get back to normal with only Tuesday and Wednesday editions.  Also Episode 5 of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains on CBS.  Check full commentary at survivorfandom.com.  Also LA Ink is back on TLC.

Join us every day as we bring you up to date info on your favorite shows, recaps and spoilers.


Amazing Race Tonight 7C/8E

| March 7, 2010 at 1:18 PM EST

Hello everyone and welcome to Reality Rewind.  Your site for recaps of the best reality shows on tv.  First up, The Amazing Race 16.  Here is a preview of the upcoming episode tonight on CBS.

“We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt” (Germany) – Racers must navigate an unfamiliar and confusing train system without their teammates, take a dive over Hamburg and reunite for a nausea-inducing lesson in German gastronomy.

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