‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 3 Episode 2 preview: NeNe and Dwight Part 2

| October 11, 2010 at 11:52 AM EST

It doesn’t look as intense, but tonight’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will showcase Part 2 of the NeNe and Dwight spar. Also in the preview, we learn that new housewife Phaedra’s husband Opollo spent time in prison. I guess that’s supposed to be a shocker? OK.

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‘Project Runway’ Season 8 Episode 11 recap: Designers make sweat pants

| October 8, 2010 at 12:01 AM EST

So it turns out the big cheating scandal on “Project Runway” wasn’t much of a scandal at all. It was just a product of Poison Ivy’s terrible bitchy attitude.

Yes, Poison Ivy returned on Thursday night’s “Project Runway” along with five other eliminated designers. They were brought in to help the remaining designers make three crappy looks to match Heidi’s crappy active wear collection.

Seriously, wasn’t that the worst challenge ever? Heidi’s collection was cheap and ugly (much like Heidi’s general fashion sense) so when the designers began cranking out crap to match, she shouldn’t have been surprised. But she was. She turned into a complete monster in the workroom, attacking Mondo and Gretchen. Of course Gretchen deserves it, but she did have a point when she said she was having trouble working with sweat shirt material. Because that’s what Heidi’s line is made of.

In the sewing room Ivy pretends to be nice to Michael C. only long enough to catch him off guard with an accusation of cheating. We’ve been teased with this for weeks and almost everyone already knew Michael C. would be the one accused. And it’s no surprise Ivy was the one doing the accusing.

Ivy claims Michael C. taped a dress on his model during a previous runway show. I wasn’t aware that was even against the rules, but whatever. Michael C. denies it and Tim Gunn pretty much tells Ivy and the others he doesn’t believe anything happened and if it did it’s too late anyway. So there you go. Not even close to being as dramatic as the teasers made it out to be.

It all boils down to Ivy being a bitter, nasty person. She can sew. I’ll give her that. But her taste is very questionable. She doesn’t know how to style a model or think editorially. She’s clearly jealous that Michael C. is still on the show and she isn’t. I hope that’s the last we see of her.

The runway show is boring because the challenge was terrible. Everything looks like sweat pants and over-sized hoodies. Mondo’s collection is the only one that even looks like anything to me. They recognize that as well and he’s in the Top 3 again. He shares that spot with Andy and April. Christopher, Gretchen and Michael C. are in the bottom.

Andy wins (only because Mondo can’t win everything). Christopher goes home (only because he’s not a bitch like Gretchen or a trainwreck like Michael C).

I don’t think Christopher should’ve gone home. I think it was finally Michael C.’s time. I’m pretty sure Michael C. isn’t as bad as Ivy and many of the others have made him out to be. I don’t think he’s been cheating either. And he clearly can sew. He does, however, need to work on his taste levels. Christopher is the first person Michael C. should’ve gone home before. Not Ivy, not Valerie.

Christopher was among my final 3 picks. Now I guess I’ll go with Mondo, Gretchen and April. Who do you think will make it to fashion week and the finale?


‘Project Runway’ Season 8 Episode 11 preview: Lots of drama ahead

| October 7, 2010 at 12:57 PM EST

We’ve been seeing a tease for weeks that someone on “Project Runway” this season has been accused of cheating. It looks like from this Episode 11 preview that we find all this out tonight. And there’s a whole lot more. So I’ll warn you now that there’s a pretty big spoiler in this preview.

What do you think? Who do you think will be accused of cheating? And what do you think of the spoiler in the preview?

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‘Top Chef Just Desserts’ recap: The worst reality cast ever?

| October 6, 2010 at 11:33 PM EST

There’s only one word for Wednesday’s “Top Chef Just Desserts”:


Even before the quickfire begins, Seth flips out over some paper cups, has an anxiety attack and is kicked off the show. I’m actually going to miss his antics. I was also looking forward to seeing if that growth on his neck eventually went away.

Oh well, Seth might be gone but there’s still PLENTY of drama. This has to be the most vicious, bitter, bitchy, whiny reality cast ever. You’ll see more on that throughout the recap.

So, the quick fire. Gail Simmons (also known as the best reality show host ever) introduces some other woman named Gale and they tell the contestants their challenge is to make the ultimate ice cream sundae. Morgan wins for making something that wasn’t a sundae at all. He gets immunity.

Morgan and the other two quick fire top 3, Yigit and Zac, are named team captains for the elimination challenge. Gail tells them they’ll be working in teams of three and they’re a person short because of Seth’s roid rage anxiety attack. So in walks Heather C, the contestant eliminated last week. Yay! Not only can she fill the emotional breakdown void Seth left, her strange forehead injury can replace Seth’s neck growth.

The elimination challenge is to create desserts based on the wacky, sexual antics of some performance troupe that reminds me of Cirque Du Soleil, only with more STDs. They all have to make a dessert inspired by the troupe along with a table showpiece and a separate flaming dessert.

Yigit’s team fails to make the flaming dessert flame for the judges. This upsets head judge Johnny Iuzzini, who’ll I’ll call “1957.” So 1957 shows his disappointment. So it’s almost certain someone from Yigit’s team will go home. Probably Yigit since he’s the team captain.

Morgan’s team wins. He is named the winner, which really upsets Heather H. She feels that she did more work and should have won. She says a lot of things that a really nasty baby might say and shows that she’s kind of crazy like everyone else on this show.

So then they talk to Zac’s team. And in the middle of praise from the other Gale, Malika breaks in and asks to go home. What? Why? You weren’t going to go home. You actually made the best thing you’ve ever made. And now you’re asking to go home? Lame. So she’s dismissed and Gail doesn’t get to say “pack your tools and go.”

What is wrong with these people? Are pastry chefs notoriously emotional and crazy? On the original “Top Chef” there are usually only one or two people a season who are bats**t crazy.

This entire cast is out of control. Yelling, crying, bitterness. I’m nearly shaking by the end of each episode. And all I can say is it’s delicious. Who knew this little “Top Chef” spin-off would be so awesome.

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‘The Biggest Loser’ recap: More puking, sweating and yelling

| October 6, 2010 at 5:20 PM EST

“The Biggest Loser,” Season 10, Episode 3

There’s not a lot you can do with “The Biggest Loser” to make it fresh. But NBC is trying. Like giving the contestants video cameras to interview themselves raw and close-up like “The Blair Witch Project,” only scarier.

They’ve also moved the weigh-ins to the middle of the long two hours making the last hour pretty anti-climatic. Why, oh why is this show two hours long in the first place? I’ve gotten off track. I’m supposed to be talking about what happened Tuesday night.

Tuesday’s “Biggest Loser” opened with aforementioned “Blair Witch” camera close-ups. Then they cut to the contestants where Tina is going to “clear the air” about wanting to go home last week. She “clears the air” by saying she’s going to ask to go home that day. That’s the worst “clearing the air” I’ve EVER seen.

Then Lisa pipes up and says she wants to go home, too. To help Allie who was eliminated last week/night. That starts a mini war then Bob comes in and pretends to be smarter than he is.

Everything is cleared up and they head to the gym. Without Jillian. Where’s Jillian? Maybe she’s off selling her diet pills. So the workout is all Bob’s. There’s a lot of Bob yelling. Then he talks about riding Jesse. Then people throw up and scream. Bob explains that if you disrespect him, he’ll turn into a bitchy queen.

Jillian returns. She convinces the girls to hate each other like girls often do anyway. I could see the spark in Burghundy’s eyes. She’s got Season 10 villain written all over her.

Then Sami Brady shows up with Anna Kournikova so the contestants can play tennis. Anna leaves and Sami, now in a hat, tells them it’s time for a pop challenge. The winner will get immunity. The players target Burghundy because, again, she’s got villain written all over her, and she’s out first. Frado wins immunity.

Sami announces another “surprise” weigh-in then heads back to Salem. Everyone freaks out and prepares for the weigh-in.

Back at the ranch, Frado, Patrick and Brendan form an alliance and they immediately get cocky like any reality show meathead alliance.

Time for the weight-in. The girls do terribly once again. Adam wins the weigh-in with 12 pounds lost. The people below the yellow line are Burgundy, Tina, Sophia, Lisa, Aaron, Elizabeth and Brendan. Adam is allowed to save one of them while the others have to play in an elimination challenge. Adam saves Aaron. No surprise there since reality TV men act live 8-year-old boys guarding a club house.

So the girls and Brendan battle it out in piles of sand. The first four people to find brass rings buried under a ton of sand are safe. The two people who are left without rings will be up for elimination. And those two people are Tina and Lisa. Interesting, right? Since those were the two who wanted to go home early in the episode. Lisa claims she finally gets it and now wants to say. Tina, however, completely blows her pleads to stay, sealing her fate.

Tina goes home.

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