Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers: Week 5 Challenges Sneak Peek

| March 20, 2019 at 10:12 AM EDT

Get ready for a long night of Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 on CBS tonight. Yes, they are giving us two full hours of Survivor 2019, as these castaways on Survivor Season 38 have some ground to make up after a shorter premiere this season! Check out a sneak peek look at the Week 5 challenges on Survivor Season 38 below in our Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 spoilers!

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Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 5 Challenges Sneak Peek Look

Last week on Survivor Season 38Jeff Probst told the castaways to drop their buffs! We had the first tribe swap of the season and it didn’t do too much! We formed three new tribes, but the new Kama Tribe was all Kama members originally. The new Lesu Tribe was all original Manu Tribe members and the new Manu Tribe was all original Kama Tribe members plus Wendy, who was glad to get new tribe members! The Lesu Tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, which is no surprise for the former Manu Tribe members! This was tough for them, as they all really liked each other and all voted together previously, but now they had to turn on each other. They voted our Rick, who did choose to head off to Edge of Extinction at the end of the show. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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The Voice 2019 Spoilers: Voice Battles – Meet Team Legend (PHOTOS)

| March 20, 2019 at 10:01 AM EDT

The new coach on The Voice 2019 is John Legend and he had a rough start to the new season, as the other coaches were scared of him and they were all using their blocks on him! Regardless of that, John managed to put together a pretty solid team heading into the Voice Battles next week on The Voice Season 16! Check out Team Legend for the battle rounds below in our The Voice 2019 spoilers!

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The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Battles - Team Legend

This week on The Voice 2019 Season 16, we watched the final night of blind auditions! The coaches (Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Adam Levine) put the final touches on their teams, as we head into the Voice Battles next week! One of those artists happened to be Cecily Hennigan, who had Blake shocked when no one else turned for her!

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The Voice 2019 Spoilers: Cecily Hennigan Blind Audition (VIDEO)

| March 19, 2019 at 10:01 AM EDT

We had the final blind auditions on The Voice 2019 last night, which meant that The Voice coaches 2019 were a little more picky than normal. Blake Shelton was beyond shocked when no one else turned around for Cecily Hennigan, which meant that she joins Team Blake on The Voice Season 16. That could be a good and bad thing for Cecily, especially since she’s not a country artist! Check out the Cecily Hennigan blind audition below in our The Voice 2019 spoilers!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Blinds - Cecily Hennigan Blind Audition

For her audition, we find out she is 16 years old and had a video go viral in which she sang her order through the drive thru. She made it on Steve Harvey and the Today Show. Cecily is pumped to have John Legend here and thinks it would be amazing to work with him. Her voice is so smooth and mature, even though she is 16 years old. She is very solid and gets Blake to turn around for her.

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American Idol 2019 Spoilers: Nick Merico Heads Back To Hollywood (VIDEO)

| March 19, 2019 at 10:01 AM EDT

The auditions on American Idol 2019 are complete! Yes, all of the artists heading to Hollywood are in place and former actor Nick Merico wanted one of those spots last night on American Idol Season 17. Check out Nick’s audition video below in our American Idol 2019 spoilers!

American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Nick Merico Audition Video

Before his audition, we see Katy Perry a little taken aback by his good looks. Nick talks about falling in love with The Sounds of Music and then getting into playing the piano and pop music. He got his big break in acting at 17 or 18, as he starred in the Nickelodeon show Every Witch Way. He always knew his heart was in music though, which is why he is auditioning for American Idol 2019!

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The Voice 2019 Recap: Voice Blinds – The Final Blind Auditions (VIDEO)

| March 18, 2019 at 9:58 PM EDT

We said goodbye to the Voice Blinds tonight on The Voice 2019. Yes, the teams are complete for The Voice Season 16 and we are now ready to take on the Voice Battles! Before that happens, we need to see what artists took those final spots on The Voice coaches 2019 teams! Check out what went down tonight in our The Voice 2019 Recap below!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 6 Recap

Last week on The Voice Season 16, NBC only gave us one night of the Voice Blinds. Not sure why they skipped Tuesday night, but we only got to see artists on Monday night and they filled the two hours with quite a few artists. They gave us some quick looks at some of the artists, but the night ended with a middle school teacher making his way to the stage and earning that four-chair turnaround! Shawn Sounds got a lot of love from the judges and ended up picking John Legend and giving him the four-chair turnaround victory!

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