Who Went Home On Project Runway 2016 Last Night? Week 9

| November 11, 2016 at 8:01 AM EST

I often wonder what the judges on Project Runway Season 15 are thinking when they make their final decisions, as there seemed to be a clear decision on who to send home and who to keep in the competition, but they were way off with their final decision, so who went home on Project Runway 2016 last night? Find out the Week 9 results on Project Runway Season 15 last night below in our Project Runway 2016 spoilers!


Last night on Project Runway Season 15, the designers got a special visit from some loved ones in the workroom! That brought out a lot of emotions and lots of crying going on, including from me! From there, they found out AARP was sponsoring this challenge and it was about their loved ones starting a new chapter in their lives and needing looks to help with those new chapters.

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Project Runway 2016 Recap: Week 9 – Who Got Eliminated?

| November 10, 2016 at 8:00 PM EST

Get ready to shed some tears tonight on Project Runway 2016, as the designers will get surprise visits from their loved ones! Those reunions always bring a tear to my eye, but then it is back to business tonight! The designers on Project Runway Season 15 will then be put to the task of creating looks for their loved ones in tonight’s challenge! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2016 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2016 tonight!


Last week on Project Runway Season 15, we had another team challenge and it brought out some major drama and catfights! The designers broke into teams of three and had to create collections of three looks and with a color palette from Sally Beauty. They would create pop-up shops in SoHo and people would vote for their favorites, which would weigh-in on 20% of the total for the week. Jah-Ming started having issues with Jenni and Nathalia, but they worked it out. Cornelius had trouble the whole time with Erin and Dexter, who were mean girls the entire time and made me defend Cornelius, which I hated doing. In the end, Team Red lost and Cornelius was eliminated after being thrown under the bus by the mean girls. Tim Gunn wasn’t having it and he used it Tim Gunn Save to keep Cornelius in the competition and no one went home!

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Project Runway 2016 Spoilers: Week 9 Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)

| November 10, 2016 at 11:32 AM EST

We are going to have an emotional night on Project Runway 2016 tonight, as the designers on Project Runway Season 15 are going to get special visits from their loved ones tonight! As nice and emotional as that will be, they will also be working with their loved ones on this challenge, as they will be creating looks for their loved ones! Yeah, nice to see you, but now get to work and create a stunning dress for me! Check out a sneak peek at Week 9 below in our Project Runway 2016 spoilers!

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For Week 9, we have a new challenge ahead of us for these designers! Check out the details in the official synopsis from Lifetime here:

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Who Was Voted Off Survivor 2016 Season 33 Last Night? Week 8

| November 10, 2016 at 8:01 AM EST

I was expecting a big blowup at Tribal Council on Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016 last night, as we had the merge on Survivor Season 33 and that meant all of the castaways would be sitting there in front of Jeff Probst and while it did not bring the big blowup, it did bring a blindside on Survivor 2016, so who was voted off Survivor 2016 Season 33 last night? Find out the Week 8 results on Survivor Season 33 last night below in our Survivor 2016 Season 33 spoilers!


Last night on Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016, the night started with the castaways getting some big news: pack your stuff, as we are heading to a new camp and the merge was taking place! This was an exciting time, as Millennials and Gen Xers were reunited with their original tribe members and it was time to see what alliances were going to stick and which were not. Millennials had the upper hand, but would they stay united?

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Survivor 2016 Season 33 Recap: Week 8 – Bring On The Merge!

| November 9, 2016 at 7:00 PM EST

Things are moving along pretty quickly on Survivor 2016 Season 33, as we are now in Week 8 on Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016 and it is time to bring on the merge! Yes, the merge is happening tonight on Survivor 2016 and time for these castaways to fight it out as individuals in the Immunity Challenge and our first Tribal Council with everyone in attendance! Watch with us tonight during our Survivor 2016 Season 33 Recap and see who got voted off Survivor 2016 Season 33 tonight!


Last week on Survivor 2016 Season 33, we saw Dave and Zeke form a new alliance, as Dave shared his Hidden Immunity Idol with Zeke. Then we saw the Green Tribe lose for the first time since the tribe swap took place. They headed to Tribal Council and it looked like it was a matter of Sunday or Bret going home, since the Millennials outnumbered them. However, Michaela is a comp beast and was strategizing on the right move to make this week and how it would all affect the long-term game. She was too smart for her fellow tribe members, as Jay decided they needed her gone before the merge and they blindsided Michaela!

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