Hunted Spoilers: Who Got Caught Last Night? Week 4 Results

| February 9, 2017 at 8:00 AM EST

Hunted is back and we’re ready to find out who got caught last night with only five pairs of evaders left in the mix and all of them with the chance to runaway with the $250,000 prize money.

Team Emiley & David evade capture on Hunted

One team has fallen each round and with the late introduction of tonight’s last team, Stephen and English, I’m a little worried they may have a short run on the show especially considering the awful weather conditions they quickly face. It’s time to find out just what happened this week on Hunted.

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Tonight On Hunted: Final Team Arrives & Hunters Close In

| February 8, 2017 at 11:30 AM EST

Get ready as Hunted is back tonight on CBS (8/7c) with another hour episode with the final five teams and one of them is just about to be revealed with a big storm to send them off on their journey.

Aarif shaves his head on Hunted

Team English and Stephen are the last of the nine teams on Hunted this season and while four other teams have already been caught we’ve yet to see these two start things off. Then the other four teams will keep pressing on as the Hunters close in.

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This Week On Hunted: Final Team Meets The Monsoon [VIDEO]

| February 6, 2017 at 8:30 PM EST

It’s finally time to meet the last team on Hunted with English and Stephen and maybe we’ll learn why this North Carolina couple was dragged along for so long in the season before being introduced.

Hunted Team English and Stephen

After last week’s episode of Hunted wrapped up we were down four teams with five left in the running for a chance at the $250K, but with the messy way the teams are revealed there’s no way of knowing how long these later groups will actually make it. And this week’s pair won’t have an easy start of it.

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Captured On Hunted: Team Miles & Will Reveal New Details [VIDEO]

| February 3, 2017 at 9:30 AM EST

This week on Hunted we saw the quick arrival and capture of Team Will & Miles, but if you thought everything went down like we saw in the episode then you only got a small part of the story. In this new interview from CBS we hear directly from Will & Miles just how their capture happened.

Team Miles & Will talk capture on Hunted

On Wednesday we saw the guys pop back up in the show around Day 15 after no coverage of their first two weeks. Then after being sold out by someone they never met in the journey the guys quickly got out of Dodge only to be soon be caught in the next town. Well, not exactly.

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“Hunted” By Sea: Watch The Latest Team’s Capture

| February 2, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST

The latest Hunted team to be captured was tracked as far as out to the water requiring a speedy boat race by the Hunters to secure their Fugitives after a valiant effort across the harbor. Watch how things fell apart after week’s of success.

Hunters by Seas on CBS's Hunted show

I really didn’t expect much from Team Will and Miles as their preview suggested they’d spend their time bro’ing it up on the beach but I was pleasantly surprised by just how well they did. At least until some greedy villain ruined their game.

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