Get ready for more of CBS’s “Hunted” Reality TV show tonight at 8/7c when the Hunters return with two new sets of targets including childhood friends Thu and Sentra along with Team Social Media, the Brah Bros, Miles and Will.

Hunted 2017 Episode 3 on CBS

From the sneak peak preview (watch that below) it looks like the command center quickly discovers the guys in tonight’s show are prolific social media experts and that could lead to their downfall. Will they be another one and done team on Hunted?

Along with Miles and Will we’ve got Team Tran with Thu and Sentra, childhood friends who share the same last name. They’ve got ambitious plans and plenty of confidence, typically a good thing here, but the Command Center doesn’t seem too worried about catching them.

The clip below suggests we should see plenty of cringe worthy moments from the guys’ team as they plan to use their skills of seduction to curry favor with strangers and help them along their journey. That should go smoothly, especially as we see the investigators will use that familiar tactic of a “WANTED” digital poster against the men. Remember how that turned out for Troy and Chele? Watch out, guys.

Check out the Hunted sneak peek video below and then join us back here tonight at 8PM ET for our live coverage of Hunted on CBS.

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