Oh man…could it get any worse? 2 hours AND Miley Cyrus? Somebody kill me now! LOL…Ashley pretty much nailed it on americanidolnet.com, with her blog…but I’ll continue! I have no problem coming on here putting down TV’s biggest show, why? Cuz I’m not and haven’t been a fan! I watch to kick it around with you people, and I always try to keep it positive, but what I’m seeing is even the people who used to like the show, DON’T like it, this season!

Simon will start X Factor here in the States and AI will be in that “Used to be cool” catagory….so the hardcore fans of the show can be mad and stomp their feet like a 2 year old, but last night’s show was beyond horrible and shows WHY this is a fading show!

Tell me where I’m wrong! Tell me Paige was great! Tell me I just don’t understand Tim Urban, how he’s a real artist or whatever…I’d laugh in your face if you did, but you know as well as I do, hardcore AI fan…it’s going down!

Last night’s episisode? As usual Paige sucked! I haven’t liked her since the 1st time I seen her…Tim Urban, I almost feel bad for the guy cuz he takes so much abuse from the judges, but hey…he put himself out there, so deal with it Timmy boy! No matter how he sings, the fools in the crowd cheer for him…how’s anyone ever supposed to know who’s really good when everyone gets good responses from the crowd? They need the crowd from “America’s got Talent” to sit in! LOL…I really hate that BTW, that no matter how bad someone is, they get cheered…

Ashley didn’t like Siobhan but I like her! I’m a little sick of the high note ending, that’s quickly becoming her trademark, but I really think she’s got it! I think music’s in her blood…the kind of thing you can’t learn or teach…one of those, “Got it or don’t” things…she’s a good singer, but she’s got that little extra that most don’t have and her being strange or socially awkward, is sometimes just a side effect of being talented or gifted…

I didn’t think Big Mike sucked too bad, in fact he’s good! Just a little typical for him….I thought Casey James is by far the best! I think Kara’s right about him….he’s out of the rest’s league, he’s ready to cut an album and tour right now! Watch and see…he’s this seasons Chris Daughtry…I LOVE when he plays the guitar solos and the electric in general, and I don’t care what Simon says, the guy’s GOOD!!

I’m not feeling the whole “Hippy movement” thing with Crystal…I know everyone seems to love her, but I’m not into 60’s folk and don’t see HOW that’s going to translate into today’s music, but I could be wrong..wouldn’t be the first or last time on that!

I don’t need to go off about Miley do I? Hell yes I do!! LOL…This girl thinks she’s just IT!! She probably feels she’s graced us with her mere presence on the show….I bet she’s been told since she was like 3, that she was just soooo special, blah blah blah….I don’t think she could take criticism on her best day! I think she’s so cocky and soooo not the right person for the “mentor” role!

Yeah….that’s what I’d want if I was on the show, a 17 year old giving me advice…What’s next? A child actor walking in and giving advice at an “How to become an actor” seminar? OH PLEASE with that! Who’s MILEY to give advice, if it even was advice…that’s debatable as well! If we’re going on album sales, I guess Susan Boyle’s next? They really should pick someone who can help the singers…not somebody like Miley! Just like Ellen adds nothing to the show, Miley added nothing with her advice…it was so basic that you could have applied what she was saying to anyone…yayyyy for Miley Cyrus! NOT!! LOL….