While it may seem like we just saw Logan win MasterChef Junior Season 2, it is time to start a new season of MasterChef Junior 2015 and 19 new junior home cooks making their way into the kitchen! We have the return of Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich after just a short time off, as the MasterChef Junior Season 3 premiere kicks off tonight on FOX! Check out a sneak peek at the premiere below in our MasterChef Junior 2015 spoilers!

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MasterChef Junior 2015 Spoilers - Season 3 Premiere Preview 23

For tonight’s new episode, the Top 19 on Master Chef Junior Season 3 will be competing in their first challenges to test their culinary skills! Here is the official synopsis from FOX:

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On the all-new ‘Junior Edition’ of MASTERCHEF, America’s Top 19 junior home cooks are introduced to their first mystery box challenge, in which they must make a complete restaurant-quality dish using any of the ingredients they are given. The winner of the challenge will have a significant advantage and select which of the judges’ favorite pastas the remaining contestants will prepare in the elimination round. Later, the top junior home cooks with the best dishes will advance in the competition in the all-new ‘Junior Edition: The Class Of 2015’ Season Premiere episode of MASTERCHEF.”

Every episode that I watch of this show I am more and more amazed with how these kids come up with such stellar dishes. I mean, go play out in the sandbox and stop cooking! Check out some photos from tonight here:

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Now take a sneak peek look at MasterChef Junior 2015 tonight here:

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