You have to admit that the kids on MasterChef Junior 2014 are so darn adorable and they are way beyond my cooking abilities at such a young age! It is crazy to think how well they can cook on MasterChef Junior Season 2, but it is also crazy to see the MasterChef judges 2014 (especially Chef Gordon Ramsay) be so nice! The fun continues tonight, so check out a sneak peek at the Week 2 challenges below in our MasterChef Junior 2014 spoilers!

MasterChef Junior 2014 Spoilers - Week 2 Preview 9

For tonight’s new episode, the Top 12 on Master Chef Junior Season 2 will be competing in even more challenges to test their culinary skills! Here is the official synopsis from FOX:

[PHOTOS: Click here to meet the Season 2 contestants!]

In a flipping awesome pre-challenge, the junior home cooks will race to see who can flip and stack the most pancakes, and the winner will put the judges in a very sticky situation. The judges then task the kids to create their best citrus cream pie. Find out which kids make the most successful cream pies and advance to the next round in the all-new “Junior Edition: Flip It!” episode of MASTERCHEF.”

This should be a fun episode to watch, especially since one (or maybe all) of the judges will be drenched in maple syrup! I mean, how many of you out there wouldn’t like to throw some syrup on Joe Bastianich??? I am quite certain there are some former MasterChef contestants that would stand in line to do it! Check out some photos from tonight here:

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Now take a sneak peek look at MasterChef Junior 2014 tonight here:

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