We have the premiere of MasterChef Junior 2014 tonight and I will be honest when saying I did not watch Season 1, but I am definitely glad that FOX decided to move it to Tuesday nights for MasterChef Junior Season 2! I am a huge fan of the show and would love to see the kids compete, but Friday is such a bad night for television! Now I get to meet the Season 2 junior chefs and see what they have to offer! Check out the MasterChef Junior Season 2 contestants below in our MasterChef Junior 2014 spoilers!

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MasterChef Junior 2014 Spoilers - Premiere Preview

For tonight’s premiere of MasterChef Junior 2014, we will get a chance to meet the 16 finalists on MasterChef Junior Season 2! Here is the official synopsis from FOX:

On the Season Two premiere of MASTERCHEF’s ‘Junior Edition,’ America’s first-ever MASTERCHEF JUNIOR, Alexander Weiss, returns to the kitchen as a special guest. Alexander presents the mystery box challenge, and the 16 junior home cooks will be tasked with preparing impressive dishes using the special guest’s favorite ingredients, including pork chop, pork tenderloin, green apples, hazelnuts, Brussel sprouts, filo dough, fingerling potatoes, wild rice, whole grain mustard and artichoke. The winner of the challenge will have a significant advantage and select which of the judges’ favorite proteins the remaining contestants will prepare in the elimination round. Later, the 12 junior home cooks with the best dishes will advance in the competition in the all-new ‘Junior Edition: The Next Generation’ Season Premiere episode of MASTERCHEF.”

With that in mind, the 16 junior home cooks on MasterChef Junior 2014 are:

  • Abby, 8 from Winchester, VA
  • Adaiah, 12 from Danbury, CT
  • Berry, 11 from Beverly Hills, CA
  • Coco, 10 from Aquilla, TX
  • Isabella, 12 from New York, NY
  • Jessica, 10 from Grand Prairie, TX
  • Josh, 10 from Forest Hills, NY
  • Levi, 12 from Highland Park, IL
  • Logan, 11 from Memphis, TN
  • Mitchell, 12 from Paso Robles, CA
  • Nasir, 10 from Chicago, IL
  • Natalie, 12 from Stevenson Ranch, CA
  • Oona, 9 from New Haven, CT
  • Sam, 9 from Reseda, CA
  • Samuel, 12 from Greenbrae, CA
  • Sean, 12 from Santa Ana, CA

Now get a closer look at the contestants in our MasterChef Junior 2014 Season 2 photo gallery here:

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Who is your favorite to be named the winner of MasterChef Junior Season 2?

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