The fun continues during Week 2 on MasterChef Junior 2014 tonight, as the contestants will be tasked with making big ol’ stacks of pancakes and it looks like the opportunity to dose the MasterChef Junior judges 2014 (Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot) with syrup is a reward??? The kids will be enjoying themselves at least on MasterChef Junior Season 2, but the judges might be in for a sticky situation! Check it out with us during our MasterChef Junior 2014 Recap and see who went home on MasterChef Junior 2014 tonight!

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Last week on MasterChef Junior Season 2, we got the chance to meet the 16 new kids making their way into the MasterChef Kitchen. It was so crazy to watch these kids cook and make their way around the kitchen, especially when some of them are 8 years old! I was out playing in the dirt when I was 8 years old, not in the kitchen making souffle! Regardless, these kids have some amazing abilities and created some great dishes for the MasterChef Junior Season 2 premiere. However, the road ended for four of the contestants: Berry, Coco, Nasir and Isabella!

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The fun begins shortly on MasterChef Junior 2014! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef Junior 2014 Season 2 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on our MaterChef Junior 2014 Recap or see who who went home on MasterChef Junior Season 2 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the kids are in front of the judges and Oona, Samuel and Sean had the best dishes during the last challenge. They have a special challenge between the three of them and it features pancakes and syrup? They have one plate, pancake mix, twelve pans and burners and have to stack as many pancakes as they can in six minutes. The winner gets a huge advantage in the next challenge and they also get to save one judge from getting syrup dumped on them! Sean is cooking to save Joe. Samuel is cooking to save Graham and Oona is cooking to save Gordon.

They have some fun making them and the six minutes is up and it appears like a close race between Samuel and Sean, but Oona has a small stack. They count and Oona has 8 pancakes for Chef Ramsay. Samuel has 16 pancakes for Graham. Sean made 19 pancakes for Joe, so he is the winner and bring on the syrup for Chef Ramsay first and the kids are loving it! Graham gets his and the kids and judges cheer Sean on to dump syrup on Joe and he does, so all three judges get the syrup!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: For this challenge, the contestants will be making pies tonight, well everyone will be making pies except Sean, who wins immunity with his pancake victory. He also gets to pick what kind of pie the other contestants will be cooking and he picks a citrus cream pie! For winning, Sean also gets to pick one other contestant to head up to the top with him and watch this all go down and be safe for the night. He picks Mitchell.

It is now time to cook and they have one hour to make the stunning, citrus cream pie. These kids are so amazing and they are giving some sass to the judges, which I love seeing. The time runs out and time for some tasting!


  • Samuel – Chef Ramsay said the cream needs to be whipped a little bit more and the nutmeg is too powerful and he wanted more sweetness. Joe said this challenge is to build their confidence. Graham said that is a lot of flavors going on and could use longer on the crust.
  • Logan – I love this kid! Graham said it is not the best visually looking pie, but it tastes delicious and loves the raspberries and crust could have used longer in the oven. Joe said this is a delicious pie and the extra raspberry is like a punch in the nose. Chef Ramsay said really delicious, but wished he had more time to finesse the pastry.
  • Sam – Joe said the crust is a little sloppy, but everything else is spot-on.
  • Adaiah – Graham said really nice and overall a great, great pie and she should be proud.
  • Oona – Chef Ramsay said he loves the passion fruit and well done. Loving her too!
  • Josh – Graham said it looks pretty. He loves the whipped cream. The crust is under, but it is a pretty good pie.
  • Natalie – She meant to cook orange, but grabbed grapefruit by accident. Joe said he tastes most the raw dough, but good job.
  • Abby – Chef Ramsay said visually a little uneven. He said it is absolutely amazing and it looks amazing and she has set the bar high.
  • Levi – Graham said pretty beautiful and finally someone is giving us some much-needed acidity and one of the best.
  • Jessica – Joe said it looks good. The crust is a little uneven. He wished there was more key lime and it is a little too sweet, but good job. Chef Ramsay said not bad, but needs more punchy, citrusy flavor.

RESULTS: The judges discuss all of the pies on MasterChef Junior 2014 and are back with the results! Levi and Adaiah had the best pies of the night. With that being said, the judges decide to send home Jessica and Natalie tonight!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef Junior Season 2 tonight?

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