We have the return of Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich tonight on FOX, as the MasterChef Junior 2014 premiere kicks off and 16 new junior home cooks take center stage. We will meet the new contestants on MasterChef Junior Season 2 tonight and kick things off the right way with a Mystery Box Challenge and a familiar face will be in attendance, as Season 1 champion Alexander Weiss returns to present the challenge. Check it out with us tonight during our MasterChef Junior 2014 Recap and see who went home on MasterChef Junior 2014 tonight!

MasterChef Junior 2014 Spoilers - Premiere

For tonight’s premiere, the home cooks will be taking on a Mystery Box Challenge that features some of Andrew’s favorite ingredients, including pork chops and artichokes. From there, the winner gets to pick out which of the MasterChef Junior judges 2014 favorite protein the remaining home cooks will be preparing for the Elimination Test! I am so ready for the new season and the cuteness to return to the kitchen and to see Chef Ramsay not swear all the time!

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Watch the Mystery Box and Elimination Test tonight on MasterChef Junior 2014 with us! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef Junior 2014 Season 2 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…the 16 kids head into the kitchen and are very excited about this opportunity. Nine years old and started cooking when she was six! They are in front of the judges and then comes Alexander, the winner of Season 1! He has done some amazing things since winning and all these kids want to be him!

MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE: All of the ingredients in the box were picked by Alexander and it is everything from wild rice to artichokes and pork chops. To inspire them, they bring out 13 of Alexander’s favorite dishes that he makes using those ingredients. The home cooks start cooking and I wonder how in the hell do they learn to do this stuff and at such a young age??? They are all working hard, but with ten minutes left we see the first tears of the season. Coco has too salty of mashed potatoes and she says she can’t do it! Chef Ramsay comes over and saves the day, but nothing to save as she must have licked a spot on the spoon with salt and the potatoes are good to go.

TASTING: The judges were tasting throughout the challenge and pick three of the standouts to taste tonight on MasterChef Junior 2014. They are from:

  • Natalie – Chef Ramsay said it visually looks beautiful and great sear on pork, but a little more seasoning on the vegetable. Joe said it is beautiful and the spicing on the pork chop is great.
  • Mitchell – Graham said it is aggressive and bold and the egg is a smart use and the pork is awesome. Chef Ramsay said seasoned brilliantly, but needs two more minutes and a little red in the center.
  • Oona – Joe said it is perfect, but he would take the skins off the apples. Really good dish though.

RESULTS: The judges discussed all three dishes and they pick a winner. The first Mystery Box win goes to Natalie!

ELIMINATION TEST: For winning, Natalie joins the judges back in the pantry to decide tonight’s challenge. Natalie will be safe for tonight and she gets to choose what the others will be cooking tonight. The judges bring out the birds, as she will choose from chicken, duck or turkey!

Back in the kitchen, the other home cooks head into the pantry and find out they will be cooking chicken dishes tonight, so Natalie was nice to them! They have one hour to cook their dish. Samuel is working on a pretty complex dish and Chef Ramsay questions him on it and simplifying it, but he said he can handle it. Abby is freaking 8 years old! Nasir is having some issues with his chicken and is burning it! He has some more chicken, so Chef Ramsay tells him to get a fresh pan and start over. The time runs out and time for the tasting!


  • Oona – Chef Ramsay said delicious and great flare and keep cooking like this and she could be the winner. Graham said this is awesome and she is number one.
  • Isabella – Chef Ramsay asked why such a huge portion. Because of that portion size, it is raw on the inside! He said it is seasoned really well, but the chicken is undercooked. She goes back to her station and starts crying, but everyone comes over to support her and hug her and it is such a cool moment to see and so cute!
  • Sean – Joe said him and Sean are going to make money because he took $1 worth of chicken wings and made it into a $20 dish. It is an incredibly flavored dish and flawless and he is one to watch.
  • Coco – Graham said great crunch. Chicken is a little dry, but loves that she put the cayenne in there.
  • Berry – Joe said very nice seasoning and very Moroccan.
  • Nasir – Chef Ramsay said his mouth is on fire. Chicken is cooked a little too long and the other components of the dish are the star and not the chicken.
  • Abby – Joe said delicious. It is spicy and crunchy and she has big, big potential.
  • Samuel – Chef Ramsay said the chicken wings are delicious and it has to be the technically accomplished dishes of the night and well done.

RESULTS: The judges take some time to discuss the dishes on MasterChef Junior 2014 and they call up Coco, Sean, Berry, Oona, Nasir, Samuel and Isabella. We find out that Oona, Sean and Samuel gave them the best dishes of the night and are safe tonight! With that being said, the judges have sent home the other four junior home cooks (Berry, Coco, Nasir and Isbella)!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef Junior Season 2 tonight?

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