With the Top 22 on MasterChef 2015 in place, it is now time for the home cooks on MasterChef Season 6 to take on their first Mystery Box Challenge and Elimination Test tonight on Master Chef 2015! This is where the fun begins, as we get to see how the contestants handle the pressure and we get to see the judges on MasterChef 2015 (Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi) send someone home! Watch with us during our MasterChef 2015 Recap tonight and see who went home on MasterChef 2015 tonight!

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To be honest, it was a crazy and hectic week last week, as we had the finales for Dancing with the Stars 2015, The Voice USA 2015 and Survivor 2015 and we were drained with everything going on. Because of that, we overlooked the premiere of MasterChef Season 6, but we are glad to get in on the action tonight. Besides, we know the finalists and now this is where the competition truly begins! The gloves are out and time to find out what is under that Mystery Box for the home cooks to cook tonight!

[SPOILERS: Click here to meet your Top 22 home cooks this season!]

Watch the first Mystery Box Challenge and Elimination Test tonight on MasterChef 2015! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef 2015 Season 6 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on our MaterChef 2015 Recap or see who who went home on MasterChef Season 6 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE – The judges said winning this challenge will bring a huge advantage, so they want to win this one! Under the box are ingredients that the chefs left behind at their homes when they headed here, so everyone has different ingredients on this one! They have one hour to impress the judges! They have observed and tasted throughout the hour and will taste only three of the dishes. Those dishes come from:

  • Katrina – Chef Ramsay said it looks visually appealing. It is hearty and warm and everything they wanted to see tonight. Christina said the braised cabbage is so good, but she did want to see more color on the plate. Graham said he loves it and it is so good and loves she has her heritage on the plate.
  • Dan – Christina said beautiful consistency and she is really impressed on sweet and savory end. Chef Ramsay said really delicious and thoughtful effort, but too much cream for him.
  • Hetal – Graham said that is so good and the flavor balance is perfect, but she could beef it up with some lentils or something. Chef Ramsay said he is surprised with all the flavor with not a whole lot of ingredients.

RESULTS – The judges discuss and the winner of the first Mystery Box Challenge on MasterChef 2015 is Dan!

ELIMINATION TEST – Dan heads back to the pantry with the judges and they are surrounded by desserts, which of course were all created by judge Christina Tosi! For his first advantage, Dan will not have to cook. For this challenge, the contestants will be making an apple pie! For his second advantage, he get to put 12 apples in a bag and he handed them out to the home cooks he wanted to keep safe this week! The remaining nine home cooks will have to make an apple pie tonight.

The home cooks begin baking and Olivia seems to be contemplating on whether she is going to make a crust or not! Um, it is a pie and needs a crust! Veronica seems to be cooking as she goes, which Christina said is ricky. Olivia was thinking more of a tart, so she will make a crust. However, she has goat cheese and blueberries in this apple pie, so she might be gone tonight.

The time runs out and time to taste these pies:

  • Veronica – Chef Ramsay said that pie tastes delicious, but looks a mess. Christina said it tastes delicious and it is a beautiful cross-section of pie. Graham said it tastes ten times better than it looks.
  • Christopher – They have some tension when Chef Ramsay questions him using five tablespoons of corn starch, but Chef Ramsay said just to have fun because that tastes great.
  • Olivia – Graham said nix the goat cheese, but the blueberries and lemon work with the apples. Christina said she was going in the right direction with an inspiration standpoint, but definitely not a success.
  • Derrick – Chef Ramsay said delicious and pastry is flaky, but needs more apples.
  • Stephen – Christina said she loves the balance of flavors, but pastry tastes raw.
  • Charlie – Graham said the filling is good and crust is great, but the technique is not there and knows he can do better.
  • Mateo – Chef Ramsay said the apples are way too think and the pastry is too thin to sustain the weight of the apples. Christina said the ginger is too much and it seems to be all about everything except the apples.
  • Sara – Graham said it is a slice of autumn and it is delicious.
  • Brianna – Christina said it is beautiful, but it is very, very watery and it is like apple soup. The apples are tart, but it is lacking depth of flavor.

RESULTS – The best pie of the night goes to Christopher. There are two home cooks going home tonight and the three worst pies belong to Mateo, Brianna and Olivia. The goat cheese wins out, as Olivia stays and Mateo and Brianna have been eliminated tonight!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef Season 6 tonight?

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