We are now into Week 4 on MasterChef 2014 and it seems like every week the home cooks on MasterChef Season 5 have been asked to make a dessert and it will happen again tonight on Master Chef 2014! Can’t the MasterChef judges 2014 (Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich) think of anything else to make? The Mystery Box Challenge will feature some live critters underneath it, which usually freaks someone out with having to kill it to cook it! Who will it be? Find out during our MasterChef 2014 Recap and see who went home on MasterChef 2014 tonight!

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Last week on MasterChef 2014 Season 5, the home cooks took part in their first team challenge of the season. They went out to the fields and had to cook up meals for 500 soldiers! Those were some hungry men and women, but the Red Team struggled getting their pork chops out to them! They finally got it together and just kicked butt on the Blue Team, despite the slow start. The Pressure Test featured the home cooks making a blueberry pie and the judges didn’t quite understand what Stephani was going for and sent her home!

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Watch the Mystery Box Challenge and Elimination Test tonight on MasterChef 2014 with us! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef 2014 Season 5 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…the home cooks head into the kitchen and we find out that Gordon Houston has come down sick and he had to drop out of the competition, but will be fine. That leaves us with 18 home cooks remaining!

MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE – They open the box and it is a net full of fresh seafood pulled from the ocean! They also have access to a limited pantry to compliment that seafood. They have 60 minutes to create an amazing dish on MasterChef 2014! While the judges go around, Ahran says the judges have been favoring Courtney and I like it!

JUDGING – The time runs out and the judges would like to get a closer look at Francis B. Chef Ramsay said this is fusion at it’s best and good job. Joe said he hit the nail on the head and Francis is one to watch. The next dish comes from Ahran. Graham said it looks gorgeous and it tastes so aromatic and she made a seafood boy band. Chef Ramsay said it is delicious and she can cook. The final dish comes from Christian. Joe said it really tells a story of where he is from. Chef Ramsay said it may sound plain, but it is good. The judges discuss and the winner of the Mystery Box Challenge tonight on Master Chef 2014 is Ahran!

ELIMINATION TEST – Ahran heads to the pantry with the judges and is in control of this test. The theme is delicious sweet treats: muffins, cookies and doughnuts! Ahran is safe tonight and will not be cooking and gets to cook what the other home cooks will be cooking. She said she wants to take out Courtney because she can tell fake bitches and she gets that from Courtney! For the challenge, Ahran chose 12 doughnuts! The home cooks will have to serve 12 donuts and in a box! They have 90 minutes to make one box of donuts.

The home cooks start up and Courtney screws up her first set of dough, so she restarts but has no more yeast! That is crucial and this could be her downfall, as no one is giving her any to help out! We all knew it would happen, as Francis L. gives her some yeast and saves the day! He is making 12 different kinds of donuts and the judges question why he is making so many when they will only taste one of them. Francis B. is struggling with the dough and ends up making balls and they are all different shapes. The time runs out and time to taste the donuts!

Now Ahran gets one more advantage, as she gets to go around and save one of the home cooks. She walks around and decides to save Francis B., who was probably going to go home tonight. She wants to take on the best, so she saved him!

COURTNEY – Chef Ramsay said nice and crispy on the outside. He said they are seriously salty and spits it out! Graham said the dough is firm and the technique is not what it needs to be. Joe said it is hard for him to even like these donuts.

LESLIE – Chef Ramsay said that is what he calls a box of donuts and they are like a vintage, perfect donut.

KIRA – Joe said aesthetically appealing, but cuts it open and it has like no filling in it!

VICTORIA – Graham said they are uniform in shape and one of the best he had had in it’s simplicity.

CHRISTINE – Gordon said they are visually uneven, but it tastes good.

DANIEL – His box actually has 16 donuts! Graham said he is a beast with sugar and yeast and well done.

FRANCIS L. – He did get all 12 different flavors done. Gordon said it is delicious, even with the unique combinations on them!

CUTTER – Joe said they are small and uneven and the chocolate glaze is broke. They are supposed to be filled donuts and he has no filling either! Bunch of technical errors, but they have good flavor.

The judges have tasted all the donuts and we got the highlights. They discuss all of the home cooks on who is going home tonight. The two standouts of the night are Francis L. and Leslie, who is the winner of the challenge and they will be team captains in the next Team Challenge!

The bottom three home cooks tonight are Kira, Cutter and Courtney. Chef Ramsay said that Cutter has wowed them, but he has let them down lately. He is safe tonight though! No big shocker here, as the judges send home Kira and Courtney is safe for another week!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef 2014 tonight?

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