Things are heating up on MasterChef 2014, as the 20 remaining home cooks on MasterChef Season 5 will head out into the field for the first Team Challenge on Master Chef 2014 and cook for 500 soldiers! Yeah, no pressure on that one, right? This is the biggest field challenge ever on MasterChef and that is a ton of food to cook for these contestants! Can they handle the pressure? Find out during our MasterChef 2014 Recap and see who went home on MasterChef 2014 tonight!

MasterChef 2014 Season 5 Spoilers - Week 3 Preview 2

Last week on MasterChef 2014 Season 5, the Top 22 on MasterChef 2014 took on their first Mystery Box Challenge of the season. It was full of ingredients to make a dessert and Courtney won the first challenge and came across as the contestant I will not enjoy this season! She was very catty in her victory and thinks way too highly of herself! She picked what the home cooks would be making for the Elimination Test and which ten contestants would be cooking. She was trying to take out her competition and it could have worked, as Whitney Bray was sent home and Astrid Lavenia was sent home during the Mystery Box Challenge!

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Watch the first Team Challenge and Pressure Test tonight on MasterChef 2014! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef 2014 Season 5 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…

TEAM CHALLENGE: The home cooks are in the Mojave Desert, which is 200 miles away from their MasterChef Kitchen! In come the judges on the Army trucks! Francis B. won the Elimination Challenge last week and he is team captain and pick Tyler, Cutter, Victoria, Fracks L, Willie, Christine, Elizabeth, Ahren and Kira and they are the Red Team. The rest of the home cooks will be on the Blue Team and they want Daniel as the captain!

For the challenge, they will cook for 500 soldiers! This is the biggest amount of people they have cooked for ever on MasterChef and will be cooking one grilled meat and one side and a sauce. They have two hours to prep the meal and then two hours to serve. Red Team quickly decides on the menu, but the Blue Team is struggling with choosing the meat. They want chicken, but Leslie thinks it will be too hard to cook and dry out. They go with Daniel and the chicken.

Red Team is screwing up the grill, so Cutter gets it working right. Stephani is cooking chicken on the Blue Team and Leslie thinks it is not done, but she thinks it is. They put it in the hot oven and Chef Ramsay comes over to check and yup, the chicken is raw! Maybe Leslie is smart tonight on MasterChef 2014?

Over on the Red Team, the judges were worried about the macaroni and cheese and they were right, as they tasted it and it is a disaster. They also have no pork chops done! The time is running out and the troops are starting to arrive. The Red Team is not doing well and this could be a disaster for both sides!

The time has started and the battle is on! The soldiers will taste both dishes and vote for their favorites. The pork chops are thick for the Red Team, so it is taking a while to cook them properly. Talking with the soldiers and they all are voting for the Blue Team, as the Red Team is sending out raw pork! They decide to butterfly-cut the pork and make it easier to cook it. However, they are slow getting it done and the Blue Team is talking the soldiers into coming over to their side. Each one that passes over the Red Team is one less vote for them! The soldiers getting the cooked pork are loving it, but did enough get it to beat the Blue Team as service is completed?

RESULTS: The soldiers will lineup on the side of the field for the team they liked more. In a 329-171 vote, the Red Team wins and the Blue Team will face the Pressure Test. They served how many bad pork dishes and missed plates and still kicked butt???

PRESSURE TEST: Three of the home cooks will not be competing tonight and will be safe from elimination. Daniel was team captain and gets to pick the three home cooks that are safe from elimination, as he sends Christian, Gordon and Dan! He said he stepped up as team captain and the ship went down, so he should stay there with them. For this test, they will be cooking a blueberry pie in 75 minutes and Daniel is regretting not saving himself now! Jaimee has a slice of blueberry pie as a tattoo on her neck, so she should do well, right?

The home cooks are going and Daniel is running our of time and needs to get the crust together and in the oven, but he might fail big time and regret not saving himself! He gets it in and they all get their pies done and time runs out and here comes the tasting!

JAIMEE: Graham said the overall flavor is awesome, so she did not disappoint and lived up to the tattoo. Joe said the crust is perfect and good job. Gordon said it was delicious.

ELYSE: Gordon said he is at a loss for words and it takes like sand, as she undercooked the crust. Graham said this could be her downfall unless someone is worse than her.

JORDAN: Joe said the crust is sloppy and all together sloppy.

COURTNEY: Gordon said the pie is delicious and asked if there is anything she can’t do!

LESLIE: Graham said it tastes awesome.

STEPHANI: Gordon said it is almost falling apart and it is so sweet and Elyse would be the only person in here to like it.

DANIEL: Gordon said it looks like he has one foot out the door, as it looks bad! The slice comes out better than he thought and it looks bad, but it tastes good. Joe said his honor is better than his pie.

RESULTS: Jaimee, Courtney and Leslie had the best pies and all of them are safe from elimination tonight on MasterChef 2014. Daniel and Jordan were far from the best, but there were worse pies and they are both safe. It is down to Elyse and Stephani. Elyse is a baker and can’t make a pie??? I’d send her home, as bad as Stephani’s pie was. That is not how it goes, as Stephani’s pie was worse and the judges send her home and Elyse is safe for another week!

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