Get ready a full night of MasterChef 2014 tonight on FOX, as they will run back-to-back episode of Master Chef 2014 tonight and we will find out the final three home cooks on MasterChef Season 5! It will be a big family reunion tonight, as the home cooks will have surprise visitors for the Mystery Box Challenge and many tears will be shed! So, who goes home tonight on MasterChef 2014 Season 5? Find out during our MasterChef 2014 Recap and see who went home on MasterChef 2014 tonight!

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Last week on MasterChef 2014 Season 5, the home cooks headed out to an upscale Los Angeles and had to run their dinner service in the MasterChef Restaurant Takeover! Jaimee and Leslie were team captains and Jaimee cracked under pressure again. She is not a leader and had to turn over the reigns. Because of that, her team lost the challenge and faced the Pressure Test, which was making a big ol’ creme puff tower! You would assume this was right up the alley for Jaimee, but she cracked under pressure again and the judges sent her home.

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Watch the Mystery Box Challenge and Elimination Test tonight on MasterChef 2014 with us! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef 2014 Season 5 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on our MaterChef 2014 Recap or see who who went home on MasterChef Season 5 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE: The home cooks arrive and find nothing under their box! There is a huge box behind the judges and they open that one and there stands their loved ones and bring on the tears. For this challenge, the home cook and their family member will head to the pantry and get the ingredients for their favorite dish, in which they will make an elevated dish of that. The home cooks are cooking and the judges worried about Christian, as he has a difficult dish to cook in just 60 minutes, and Courtney with having to elevate macaroni and cheese.

TASTING: The judges choose three dishes to taste –

  • Courtney – Chef Ramsay said the dish is delicious and complex in flavors and pasta cooked beautifully and she elevated it. Joe said she turned it into a world-class pasta dish.
  • Christian – Graham said it is like taking a big spoon from the ocean, but with amazing flavors. That is a dish that anyone would want to sit down and keep eating. Chef Ramsay said it is taking us right back to New Orleans and tastes delicious.
  • Elizabeth – Joe said the meatballs are really good and a beautiful collection of flavors and a very strong dish. Chef Ramsay said the meatballs taste like they’ve been cooked for hours and a really good job.

RESULTS: The judges discuss the three dishes and they pick Elizabeth as the winner of this Mystery Box Challenge.

ELIMINATION TEST: The loved ones leave and Elizabeth heads back to the pantry with the judges and have four plates with the other home cooks’ faces on it. She has to choose which protein to put on each plate. The proteins are ox heart, veal brains, lamb tongue and buffalo testicles!

Back in the kitchen and they have one our to cook their dishes. They run to pantry and find out that Christian got the brains, Leslie got the tongue, Courtney got the testicles and Cutter got the heart. This is some intense stuff and a real test on MasterChef 2014 tonight. It looks like the tough ones are Christian with the brains and Courtney with the balls, but Christian is falling apart as he cooks! The time runs out and Christian’s dish is a mess, but it is all about flavor, right?


  • Christian – Joe said he knows he is a better cook than this. He said the brains are delicious and everything else pulled him down. Graham said the brains are cooked perfectly and they taste awesome, but what is going on with the rest of the dish? Probably the worst dish he has ever presented to them.
  • Courtney – Chef Ramsay said visually it looks gorgeous. Delicious, refined and protein is nailed and she gave a difficult protein some glamour. Graham said that is really delicious and she took this as an opportunity to show everyone how badass she is.
  • Leslie – Chef Ramsay said it is somewhat clumsy and he did not clean up the back part of the tongue. The flavors are good, but the little components should be watched. Joe said he did not clean it very well and put a ton of garlic in there and it is not great.
  • Cutter – Graham said this is the first time he has truly seen him on a plate and best plate he has put up for presentation. It is cooked beautifully and finally his arrival (at final five)???? Joe said this is delicious and he cooked the heart as good as he could.

RESULTS: The judges discuss all the dishes and the two best dishes come from Cutter and Courtney (best dish of the night) and are both safe for the night. It is down to Christian and Leslie on MasterChef Season 5. Joe is about to announce the results, but Chef Ramsay cuts him off and they discuss a little more and Chef Ramsay asks if they have to send someone home. I guess not, as they send Christian home and Leslie is safe and moves on to the final four! Chef Ramsay said if Christian is looking for an investor in his food truck than call him!

TEAM CHALLENGE: The final four come into the kitchen and the home cooks will be working in pairs! The losing team will face-off in the Pressure Test. Courtney had the best dish, so she gets to pick her teammate and picks Elizabeth! It is girls versus boys (Leslie and Cutter and they don’t get along at all)! The teams will get to choose between a sealed box of ingredients from each of their home states. Girls pick Pennsylvania and Guys pick Texas.

They open their boxes and both teams are happy with their ingredients and now have one hour to cook! I honestly can’t see Courtney and Elizabeth losing and one of them going home tonight on Master Chef 2014! They are cooking and Cutter cuts off some of his nail and needs a medic! Leslie is working alone now, but Cutter comes back and here we go. Elizabeth is over Courtney and being micro-managed by her. They are not getting along and not working together well.


  • Courtney & Elizabeth – For the apps, Chef Ramsay said they were butting heads and it tastes underwhelming and he expects more. Graham said the fish makes no sense to him and he is really surprised.
  • Cutter & Leslie – For the apps, Chef Ramsay said what the f*** is that? He said it is not visually restaurant quality. The ribs are actually tender, but we are not a barbecue house. Joe said this is caveman food. The ribs are good, but they are at the final four and they put corn on a plate with ribs.
  • Courtney & Elizabeth – For the entree, Chef Ramsay said finally some beauty. The cook on the venison is perfect, but the mash is terrible and everything else is great. Joe said they nailed the cooking on the venison. It is missing their collaboration.
  • Cutter & Leslie – For the entree, Graham said the steak is great. Too much mash on the plate and it needs seasoning. Leslie does put the blame on Cutter again, but Leslie screwed up the sauce and put it to Cutter. Chef Ramsay said the meat is undercooked, but the seasoning was nice.

RESULTS: The winning team is Courtney and Elizabeth and are in the Top 3 on MasterChef 2014!

PRESSURE TEST: It is Leslie against Cutter in this one. For this challenge, the home cooks will be making a dish using the ingredients they rejected earlier, so the California box and this favors Leslie! The judges show what dishes they would make with the ingredients and now the home cooks have to replicate all three dishes and have 90 minutes to do it! Cutter said take his apron now!

They get started and Cutter is freaking out and has no idea how to make risotto, so he is doing a practice one. How is he still in the competition and never knows how to make anything? The girls are cheering on Cutter, which makes since because they know they can beat him, but Leslie is giving them crap about it. This is a huge test for both home cooks and Leslie seemed calm for it, but Cutter was a hot mess! They get the dishes down there, but Leslie forgets his eggs for the salad and Cutter is feeling great!


  • Risotto – For Cutter, Joe said the flavor is very good. For Leslie, Joe asked how much wine he put in there. He gives the win to Leslie!
  • Chicken Teriyaki – For Cutter, Graham asked how long the chicken was in the oven. For Leslie, Graham said there doesn’t seem to be much of a glaze on it. Good job to both of them, but he picks Cutter as the winner and it all comes down to the final dish and Leslie forgot the eggs!
  • Salad – For Cutter, Chef Ramsay said the tuna is seared badly and cut badly and delivered in an unfortunate way. For Leslie, Chef Ramsay said it looks clumsy no eggs. Tuna is cooked beautifully and vinaigrette tastes great.

Leslie does nothing but talk crap about every other competitor and it drives me insane! The judges discuss and I think it comes down to who cooked the tuna better, which means Leslie is safe tonight and Cutter has been eliminated!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef Season 5 tonight?

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