The rumors are spreading and thinking we may have a double elimination on MasterChef 2014 tonight! Not sure if that is true, but we should have an exciting episode tonight on Master Chef 2014, as the home cooks take the field and prepare food for a football game! They will not only be having to cook food, but also fight the rain on MasterChef Season 5! This should be interesting to watch, so check it out with us during our MasterChef 2014 Recap and see who went home on MasterChef 2014 tonight!

MasterChef 2014 Season 5 Spoilers - Week 12 Preview

Last week on MasterChef 2014 Season 5, the home cooks got the choice of two Mystery Boxes for the first time ever on the show. They could choose from normal, everyday items you would have in your house or the same items, but the luxury versions of those items. We saw Leslie win his first Mystery Box and pick which stuffed pasta the other home cooks would make. In the end, the judges were not impressed with the pasta that Francis L. came up with and he was sent home, leaving us with ten home cooks on MasterChef Season 5!

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Watch the Team Challenge and Pressure Test tonight on MasterChef 2014 with us! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef 2014 Season 5 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…

TEAM CHALLENGE: The home cooks meet the judges at a football field. There will be a football game tonight and there will be two teams of five that will serve all the concessions for the fans! Courtney and Jaimee are team captains tonight, but they will pick the teams for their opponents! They have one hour to prep their food, which would be a burger and fish tacos concessions.

RED TEAM – Jaimee, Cutter, Daniel, Willie and Elizabeth

BLUE TEAM – Courtney, Leslie, Christian, Ahran and Victoria

We then see the players, who are kids and they’ll be playing flag football. Then we see special guest Eric Dickerson, who is promoting an NFL program fighting childhood obesity. The one hour prep starts now!

The teams meet and Jaimee wants coleslaw on the burgers, but her team does not agree and Cutter and Daniel take over! Courtney takes control of her team and is calling the shots. If the Red Team loses, I say send home Cutter because he will not shut up! Christian added eggs to the burger mixture and they are way too runny for the Blue Team! They are worried about the meat falling through the grill, so Christian finds a flat-top and cooking the burgers and they solved the problem, but then Leslie is not seasoning the fish properly!

Over on the Red Team, Cutter is cooking the fish and ripping them all apart! Apparently he can’t cook with a spatula. The judges taste the food and they love the burger from the Blue Team, which is shocking, and they want more seasoning from Leslie. He thinks he could do no wrong, but since the judges tell him to salt it, he will. For the Red Team, they have raw burgers and fish with no seasoning!

The game has started and service has started for the fans! The Red Team has no leadership, so they are falling apart and falling behind! They have all this food there and can’t put a plate together or burger together for these customers? They need a voice, so Elizabeth steps up and tries to keep her winning streak going for team challenges. And then the rain comes! It is a downpour and time is running out on the game and service is done! It seemed rough for the Red Team, but can they pull out a victory?

RESULTS: The fans voted and it is the closest results ever in this competition! With 51% of the votes, the winning team is the Red Team!!! WHAT?!?! They had a hell of a time, but Leslie is a loser and his team lost again.

PRESSURE TEST: This is the fifth time Leslie has gone to the Pressure Test. The home cooks are back in the kitchen and not all of them will cook tonight. Courtney thinks they worked well together and that is because of the captain, so she saved herself. The judges will save someone also, so they send Christian to safety for his burgers! That means Leslie, Ahran and Victoria will be cooking tonight and Graham said no home cook has survived five Pressure Tests, but he thinks he can do it.

For this test, they will be making three different types of prawn dishes, which each of the judges think is the best prawn dish. They have one hour to create all three dishes and only one of them will be safe from this challenge, as two home cooks will be eliminated! Ahran is struggling with these prawns and handling them, but we do see everyone cheering her on, even Leslie. All of the home cooks are feeling the pressure of three dishes in 60 minutes. The time runs out and time for tasting on MasterChef 2014!


  • Ceviche- For Leslie, Graham said the perfect texture, but the seasoning could have been a little more. For Ahran, he said too much liquid, but great use of those chiles and helped accentuate the flavor. For Victoria, he said it is like a cocktail and there is a lot of onion and it is overpowering.
  • Tempura – For Leslie, Joe said it is very simple and light. For Ahran, he said it is rich and it is cooked well and something you might get at a restaurant. For Victoria, he said it has a good crispiness and nice density and cook is good.
  • Stuffed Prawns – For Leslie, Chef Ramsay said it is stuffed good, but the sauce is a concern and made it soggy. For Ahran, he said the cook is beautifully done, but it needs salt. For Victoria, he said they look like they are drowned in bread crumbs and it is raw! It is seasoned beautifully, but cooked terribly.

RESULTS – The judges discuss the three home cooks and it looks like Leslie could be moving on on Master Chef 2014 tonight??? The two home cooks leaving tonight are Victoria and Ahran, which means that Leslie is safe and we see tears from everyone!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef Season 5 tonight?

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