The time has come and the winner of MasterChef 2014 will be crowned, but after the two-hour MasterChef Season 5 finale. We are down to three home cooks on Master Chef 2014 and one of them will walk away with $250,000 and a cookbook deal. This is going to be a fun finale to watch and it will be a close fight to the finish. Come watch with us during our MasterChef 2014 Recap and see who won MasterChef 2014 tonight!

MasterChef 2014 Season 5 Spoilers - Finale Preview

Last week on MasterChef 2014 Season 5, it was an intense two hours of cooking testicles and cooking using ingredients from their home states. It was a crazy night and my like/dislike for Leslie seems to change every other episode. He can seem some cocky and hateful, but then I question how Cutter even made it this far in the competition and can’t seem to cook anything that is thrown at him in the challenges! In the end, we saw Cutter and Christian sent home, which left us with Leslie Gilliams, Courtney Lapresi and Elizabeth Cauvel as the final three home cooks!

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Watch the finale tonight on MasterChef 2014 with us! Who wins tonight on MasterChef 2014 Season 5? We made our predictions earlier, so check them out while we wait for our recap to start very soon!


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Here we go…the final three home cooks arrive in the kitchen and see the trophy for the winner!

CHALLENGE: The home cooks will be making an entree for 50 home cooks from every state in the United States! That is 50 entrees to make, so they’ll get the help from some of the eliminated chefs this season! They draw fortune cookies to see who their sous chefs will be.

  • Courtney – Daniel and Willie
  • Leslie – Ahran and Christian
  • Elizabeth – Jaimee and Victoria

They have 90 minutes to conceive, prep and serve their dishes tonight. They come up with their dishes and get their ingredients in the pantry and the cooking begins! The 50 chefs arrive and their are some big names in the bunch! While their nerves are high, they all seem to be working very well right now. Joe said he would hire Leslie right now and he is on fire, as he sets a towel on fire in his kitchen!

Leslie and Elizabeth are plating and moving along nicely, but Courtney has no plates started!!! They have 12 minutes to go and no plates started for Courtney, but she is so lost. She is a good cook, but not a good leader! There is so much confusion with her and Daniel and Willie, but this is all on her! The time runs out and plates are done and time for service! The sous chefs leave and time for the tasting.

TASTING: The home cooks head to the restaurant and the home cooks have to explain their dishes to the chefs, which has to kill their nerves! They seem to be loving Elizabeth’s dish, but one did say it needed some more seasoning. For Courtney, they thought it was an upscale dish, but one said it needed more sauce. For Leslie, they said the flavor was great and a risky steak to cook, but a little disconjointed.

RESULTS: The chefs all cast their votes and the winning dish goes to Elizabeth, which means she goes directly to the finale and Leslie and Courtney will face off in the Pressure Test!

PRESSURE TEST: Leslie has survived six of these, so can Courtney stop that streak? For this Test, they will be making three American desserts: cheesecake, key lime pie and Boston creme pie! They look absolutely amazing. The time starts and not sure about this one. This Test could have an advantage for Courtney, which we thought one of the tests a couple weeks ago favored Jaimee and she lost.

Courtney seems happy and calm, but Leslie is freaking out and having issues with these cakes. However, as the time goes on they both kind of fall apart and the pressure is getting to them. They finish as the time runs out and here goes the tasting!


  • Cheesecake – For Courtney, Joe said the crust is crispy and creme is very good. For Leslie, Joe said it looks super creamy and raw. The crust is burnt. Courtney wins.
  • Key Lime Pie – For Courtney, Graham said it is very sweet and looks like key lime s’mores. For Leslie, Graham said the flavor is awesome and it has that zing to it. Great texture and he nailed it. Leslie wins.
  • Boston Creme Pie – For Courtney, Gordon said the sludge oozing out of her and the layers should be stuck together. For Leslie, Gordon said nice density and cream inside.

The judges discuss and it all comes down to the Boston creme pie! They come back and Chef Ramsay said it is the sponge in Leslie’s cake and he makes him taste it. He put salt in place of the sugar and that ends it for him, as Courtney wins and moving on to the finale and Leslie has been eliminated!!!

The MasterChef 2014 finale moves on and the final two home cooks will battle it out! We take a look at the season and them some more about the final two home cooks, Elizabeth and Courtney. They get some surprise visits from their family members!

FINAL CHALLENGE: They will be making an app, entree and dessert for each of the judges. This is going to be a tough battle. They do their shopping in the pantry and time to get started!

APPETIZER: How are these home cooks and making dishes I have never even heard of??? Joe said that Elizabeth is using the pressure cooker and her dish could come out as mush if she overcooks it. Courtney is cooking pig ears, which the judges say is a risk and never seen before in the finale. Elizabeth saves the octopus until the very end and it comes out great, so it is on!


  • Elizabeth – Joe said he was concerned about the octopus in the pressure cooker, but it turned out better than he thought it would. It looks great, but she may have overcooked it. Graham said the flavors are great. Gordon said it is visually beautiful and great flavor on the char and bold move.
  • Courtney – Joe asked if a salad with some fried pig ears enough for an app in the biggest cooking competition in the world? He said the pigs ears were very good and a good balance. Graham loved the pepper sauce and tastes great. Gordon said she delivered a punch with flavor and great job.

The judges discuss the apps and it looks like Courtney may be ahead based on those pig ears.

ENTREES: They have 60 minutes to cook the best entree of their lives. We have some smack talk during the preparation, but the time runs out and time for the judges to taste them. Elizabeth said she was rushed at the end, but she likes what she did and Courtney thinks it looks raw.


  • Elizabeth – She said Joe’s dish is a little more rare then she would have liked. Joe said he was definitely rare, but if cooked properly it could have been great. Gordon said his was cooked perfectly and a great job. Graham said it is visually amazing and it is a knockout and he would order it in a restaurant.
  • Courtney – Graham said it is visually gorgeous and it tastes as good as it looks and one of the best dishes she has put up. Joe said everything is spot-on and it looks like it came out of a restaurant. Chef Ramsay said the duck is great and amazing dish.

Another close call and who knows what the judges are thinking!

DESSERT: These are the final 60 minutes and it all comes down to this on Master Chef 2014. Elizabeth’s cake comes out and it is not done in the middle, so she is going to use the outer edge and make it work. Courtney tastes one of her meringue to see how it is and did not make any extra, so she will give the judge one less and could have hurt her chances of winning! The time runs out and cooking is done this season, so time for the tasting!

TASTING: Elizabeth said Courtney’s dessert looks like second place!

  • Courtney – Graham asks about one missing and she tried to cover it up, but no. Chef Ramsay said he hopes it tastes better than it looks. Joe asks what has salt in it, but he said it was a brilliant move. Graham said the presentation is not what she wanted, but the taste is great. Chef Ramsay said he does not like salty cherries. He said the flavors are there, but her clumsiest plate and Joe disagrees.
  • Elizabeth – Graham said the olive oil cake is delicious. A delicious dish and smart choice. Joe said it is spot-on, fantastic and it is a top-notch dish. Chef Ramsay commends her on using the part of the cake that worked and he loved it.

The tasting is done and time for the judges to discuss all of the dishes. I think it was close on the first two dishes, but I think Elizabeth takes it with her dessert. What do you think? They are ready to deliver the results and someone passes out standing with their families???? It was Elizabeth’s husband and I guess that was a little bump in the road, huh?

RESULTS: This was a close call and they said it was not an easy decision and it came down to the tiniest of details. The winner of MasterChef 2014 is Courtney Lapresi and I don’t agree with this one at all!!!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef 2014 tonight?

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