We have the MasterChef 2014 finale tonight on FOX and it is down to the final three home cooks on Master Chef 2014 to see who walks away as the winner of MasterChef Season 5! We have a few more challenges to get through though, which includes the final Pressure Test of the season: creating three America desserts! When the two hours is done, we will find out the winner, but who wins MasterChef Season 5 tonight? Check out our predictions below in our MasterChef 2014 spoilers!

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MasterChef 2014 Spoilers - Season 5 Winner

Last week on MasterChef 2014 Season 5, it was an intense two hours of cooking testicles and cooking using ingredients from their home states. It was a crazy night and my like/dislike for Leslie seems to change every other episode. He can seem some cocky and hateful, but then I question how Cutter even made it this far in the competition and can’t seem to cook anything that is thrown at him in the challenges! In the end, we saw Cutter and Christian sent home, which left us with Leslie Gilliams, Courtney Lapresi and Elizabeth Cauvel as the final three home cooks!

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Tonight they fight it out for the $250,000 prize and the cookbook deal. Who wins? Leslie has shocked us all by getting this far in the competition, especially with facing so many Pressure Tests this season. Because of that, I think he will make it to the final two and Courtney will be gone first. In the end, I think Elizabeth will take home the victory and be named the winner of MasterChef 2014 Season 5!

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Who do you think wins tonight on MasterChef 2014 Season 5?

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